We can redesign our economic system for social justice and a liveable planet

No matter who we are or where we come from, most of us want to live in a healthy and fair society. We value the things that really matter: that means housing we can afford, a doctors’ surgery we can get an appointment with, buses and trains that run on time, good jobs, clean air and green spaces.

But big corporations and banks have influenced some politicians to design our economic system so that money flows to a rich elite rather than to society as a whole. Instead of putting money into schools, hospitals and protecting our green spaces, they invest money in making homes unaffordable and in fossil fuels, and put us all at risk.

Positive Money believes that instead of allowing a rich elite to exploit people and nature to line their pockets, we should redesign our economic system for social justice and a liveable planet - so that we all have the things we need to live well, like clean air, good jobs and homes we can afford.


Our work focuses on achieving our two core missions

  1. Redesign our economic system to tackle inequality and protect the planet. Give our central banks, governments and international finance institutions a mandate, and the tools, to lead the transition to a just and sustainable future.

  2. Shift power from big corporations and banks to people. Create an economic system that redirects power and money away from rich elites and towards people and communities.

How we work

Our approach combines an ‘insider’ strategy: where we influence policy and build relationships with policy makers, with an ‘outsider’ strategy: where we engage with the media, as well as informing and mobilising the public, to apply pressure on policy makers.

We recognise that structures of oppression exist in various forms within our society and institutions, and we are dedicated to challenging and dismantling these structures within our organisation and beyond.


The oversized and lightly regulated financial sector wields huge influence. Not only over our economies but also our democracies. Rather than society serving the financial system, we can make sure the financial system serves society.


To preserve our planet we need to redesign our economic system. We need our governments, central banks and financial regulators to work together to rethink our financial systems so that they support a greener and fairer future.

Justice and Equity

Our financial and monetary system is not neutral or isolated from racism and other structures of oppression. We must put justice and equity at the heart of economic policy.

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