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Our UK office is a not-for-profit company registered in England and Wales. We receive the majority of our funding from a number of charitable trusts and foundations. We also receive funding from a number of committed individual supporters providing both regular and occasional donations. 

We are committed to transparency about our sources of funding. In March 2019, Transparify awarded us their highest rating of 5 stars, after evaluating our public funding information. Transparify has since recertified this rating each year, most recently in March 2024. Transparify is an independent assessor of the funding transparency of think tanks all over the world.

Our list of funders is below. For more detailed information about our funders, finances and achievements over the years, please see our Annual Reports and Financial Statements at the bottom of this page.

In the financial year ending 31 March 2023, our total income was £907k. Within this, 6% of our funding came from regular and occasional donations from our individual supporters, and 93% came from grants from trusts and foundations or other charities and nonprofits. A further 1% came from other operating income, including income received for the provision of services.

In terms of expenditure, our main costs are salaries for our team of staff and contractors, while our overheads are kept very low. In the same financial year, 64% of our total expenditure went on staff costs, including for research, influencing and advocacy, campaigning and mobilising our supporters, and coordinating the UK and international campaigns. In addition, 11% of costs were sent to our Belgian counterpart office, and 12% of costs were sent to our US counterpart office. These costs came from those grants to us that had portions of their budgets allocated for activities in the EU and the US, respectively. Other costs included books and staff training of 1%, communications and online services costs of 3%, contractors 3%, events 1%, and IT, office, administration and other sundry costs totalling 5% (including rent for a small 5-desk office).

List of Funders

Organisations from whom we received funding within the last financial year ending 31 March 2023 and the amounts they provided are listed below, with the name of the project or area of work funded. A note regarding our individual donors is also included at the bottom.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support of all of our funders. Without your support, our work would simply not be possible!

  • European Climate Foundation - £60,000: Scaling up green investment to address the cost of living and inflation crises.

  • Friends Provident Charitable Foundation - £87,500: Core Funding to support the organisation.

  • The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust - £60,000: A wellbeing economy for environmental and social justice.

  • Laudes Foundation - £72,851: Core funding to support the organisation (received via our EU office).

  • Partners for a New Economy - £150,000: Towards a money and banking system that supports ecological and human wellbeing.

  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation - £20,000: Development funds for key strategic topics.

  • Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation - £100,000: Transforming the international monetary and financial system for environmental sustainability and security.

  • The Sunrise Project - £267,686: Greening central banks’ policies in the UK, US and EU.

  • Trust for London - £23,000: Work on housing policy and tackling housing affordability.

  • Post Office - £8,000: Work on two events at the Labour and Conservative party conferences.

In the financial year ending 31 March 2023, Positive Money received £50,050 in donations from 1,057 private individuals. None contributed more than £1,200 in total during the year.

Audited annual financial statements

Annual Reports

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