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Tony HarveyThe talk freezes before resuming often and after about 12 mins 25 secs freezes permanently. I can't get it beyond there. I am using a modern computer and operating system at a public library. Anyone else experiencing this?By the way I have read Prof John F Weeks' ascerbic book right through 'How Mai...

3 days ago
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Bogdan Mandruand who would have though that you would be advocating for the NWO ... instead of denying and incriminating their frauds we now want to give central banks even more power ... well done ! "positive" money...

1 hour ago

Cryptolutionyes 'cos "General idea's" are what it takes to sort out this economic and monetary mess......

4 days ago
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bankster01Yes, but money is taken from an account to repay the debt, so M4 and M4 lending would both decrease....

2 weeks ago

RJThe liability side is bank credit. This is our money. It's a liability to the bank but a money asset to us.That's what money is today and almost always has been. A financial asset where one party holds the debt liability and another the money asset....

2 weeks ago

Stop Hurting Start HealingThe person that is making the loan is creating the promissory note according to the bill of exchange act in the UK. The bank then takes that promissory note as an asset on its books and types the amount into the liability side of the book. So banks do NOT create the money!...

2 weeks ago
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