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Event Poster for 97% Owned Screenings

BOOKLET “Fixing Our Broken Economy” (PDF, 6 pages)



Introductory Videos

A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis – Intro to Positive Money (3 mins)

What is Money?

INEQUALITY – Why are the Rich Getting Richer?

DEBT – Why is there so much Debt?

HOUSE PRICES – Why are they so high?

10 Year Old Explains Where Money Comes From

Could These 3 Simple Changes to Banking Fix the Economy?

How to waste £375 billion? (The Failure of Quantitative Easing)

Is money at the root of our big economic and social problems?


Talks by Ben Dyson and others from Positive Money

Why Our Monetary System Is Broken and How It Can Be Fixed (29 mins)

Six Myths about Money & Banking (25 mins)

Banking 101

Banking 101 – Part1

Banking 101 – Part2

Banking 101 – Part3

Banking 101 – Part4

Banking 101 – Part5

Banking 101 – Part6


Why don’t Economists understand money?

Politicians, Journalists and Bankers

Patrick Chalmers – Why doesn’t the Media understand money?

Michael Meacher (Labour MP) on Money Creation (30 mins)

Steve Baker (Conservative MP) on Money Creation (20 mins)

Paul Moore (HBOS Whistleblower) on Banking Reform (21 mins)


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  • Sky Wanderer

    Outstanding initiation, thank you!

    Ever since I encountered this project I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    In the event the final global financial collapse would occur, this will be the basis upon which we can build a new, prosperous economy that will really serve mankind. In a way, the financial collapse will be a blessing, as it will open the path towards a functional monetary system, no longer based on Debt.

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