Sign our petition: create money for people, not financial markets

Instead of creating £70bn of new money to flood financial markets, the Bank of England and the Treasury should spend it on things which support investment, jobs and people's incomes. Find out more.

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This petition was delivered to the Treasury on 22nd November 2016 before Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement. But since he continues to allow new money to go to financial markets instead of to where it's needed most, the petition will remain open.

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What is Positive Money?

We’re a movement for a money and banking system that works for society and not against it.

We’re campaigning for the power to create money to be used in the public interest, in a democratic, transparent and accountable way, rather than by the same banks that caused the financial crisis.

We’re based in the UK but have sister organisations in 17 countries.

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What is the problem?

Find out how our financial system has left us with the highest personal debt in history, unaffordable housing and worsening inequality.



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