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Positive Money Bournemouth is a welcoming and friendly group for:

  1. Connection of Positive Money supporters who want to campaign in their various ways to bring about Positive Money’s proposals.
  2. Discussion of domestic and world economic events.
  3. Information regarding our monetary system, as it is and as it could be.

We hope you can join us at an up-coming meeting – feel free to bring friends along!


John Fitzpatrick

“I read a broadsheet newspaper regularly at one time, and avidly watched the news on the BBC. I thought I was pretty clued up. I became a parent, had less time for news and politics, and increasingly became disengaged from political discourse, alienated from the political establishment and cynical about the news media.

When I encountered Positive Money I found demystification, clarity and above all, accuracy about monetary matters. In my mind, they had remained in the foggy fringes of economic issues. I had never really thought about money itself in a focussed and systematic way. I share that with many eminent politicians and the economists who were so complacent right up to the financial crash.

The monetary system we have is a major factor in the many social ills in the world, and Positive Money have inspired me to re-engage with civil society to help put it right.”

John Fitzpatrick, Group Coordinator

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