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The UK’s financial system isn’t working, and our politicians won’t be able to fix it until they understand the crucial impact of how money is created.

By winning your MP’s support for a Money Commission, you can take an important step towards a system where money is created in the public interest.

Step 1: Call your MP’s office

Arrange to go to your MP’s next surgery. Most MPs hold one once a month, usually on a Friday. If you can’t make it, ask if there is an alternative time to meet them. You can find your MPs details on

Step 2: Let us know

Once you have a date for your meeting, get in touch with David at or on 0207 253 3235. He’ll be happy to help you along the way.

Step 3: Read our briefing

This includes all the information you’ll need for your meeting as well as some top tips.

Download the briefing here

Step 4: Meet with your MP!



Some ideas for the meeting:

  1. Take your laptop, and play What is money? (To download the video so that you don’t need to find an internet connection – click here)
  2. Give them this 2 page policy briefing
  3. Read our guide about how to prepare for your meeting.

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