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Every day more and more people are joining Positive Money to campaign for a money and banking system that works for society, not against it. We have local groups up and down the UK, sister organisations across the world and opportunities for special interest groups and individuals to get involved. Wherever you are, there are ways to join our network. If you would like to find out more email

“it was hugely empowering for me to get active and get involved with Positive Money. I started by following the website for a couple of years, but things really kicked off when I attended the conference in March 2014. Although my intention had been just to meet a few of the people involved with the organisation, I got caught up in the enthusiasm and joined a local group. From there I went on to jointly co-ordinating the group and now our monthly meetings are a highlight of the month for me." Tanveer Saifee, Hammersmith

Local groups

Find out if there is a group in your local area or start one today

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Does your University Professor know where money comes from?

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Check out our international network of organisations calling for a money system that works for people

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