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For years we’ve been saying it’s crucial our politicians understand where money comes from –  that banks create almost all money in our economy, resulting in an oversized financial sector and property bubbles. Now we have a chance to see how effective the Positive Money campaign’s been by finding out what MPs know today.

If we move quickly, we could commission a professional poll of MPs before they break for their summer holidays in less than two weeks. Knowing how many MPs understand money will help us run a stronger campaign in the Autumn (when we could have another election on our hands)!

The poll costs £2000. Over 150 supporters of Positive Money have already chipped in. We’ve got to raise just £500 more so together we can run a professional poll of MPs on where money comes from. And we have less than one week to raise the money. Please, will you chip in now?

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Back in 2014 we ran a poll that showed just 1 in 10 MPs knew that banks create money. Shocking, isn’t it? But the Positive Money campaign has come a long way since 2014.

Together we’ve grown our supporter base to nearly 50,000 people. We’ve seen the first parliamentary debate on money. And thousands of supporters have written to their MPs and MP candidates about money. Last year alone, Positive Money had 70 mentions in national media and 200 events across the UK. We’ve certainly achieved a lot together.

But now we need to find out how effective we’ve been. How many MPs have heard our message and understand its importance? How can we convince more of them? This poll is the way to find out. And it might show we need to give MPs some homework for the summer!

So please, will you chip in what you can now so together we can raise £2000 before next Monday, and find out how many MPs know how our money system works?

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