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This morning Positive Money supporters unveiled two AdVans that are now driving round Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s constituencies with our message: we want leaders who will rebalance our economy. Check them out!


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Hundreds of Positive Money supporters chipped in so today we could reach hundreds of voters and our potential future prime minister. Together we raised the £3000 we needed for the AdVans.

It’s been a quick and noisy election. But Positive Money supporters should feel proud of what we’ve achieved together in just a few weeks. Here are a few highlights:

  • Thanks to you sending thousands of emails, you’ve reached 4,643 MP candidates asking them to make two key promises to rebalance our economy: spend new money into the real economy and limit banks’ ability to lend money to financial and property markets.
  • Thanks to over 11,000 of you sharing our video exposing the myth of Theresa May’s ‘magic money tree’, it reached over 1.5 million people in 48 hours – making it Positive Money’s first ever viral Facebook video!
  • Thanks to you voting for us to make more videoswe got the truth out to nearly 15,000 people about how MPs can #tipthebalance and redirect new money to the real economy.
  • Thousands of us printed our election doorhanger, so we were ready with the right questions in hustings and when candidates came knocking on our front doors.

No matter the result tomorrow, together we can feel proud that we’ve brought the issue of where money comes from out of the shadows and started a conversation about how it could be better spent. Thank you for the part you’ve played.

If you’re voting tomorrow, we invite you to share this image with your friends now, either on social media or via email, to help remind them why it’s important to vote:
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And please consider making this image your profile picture too!

Statistics show that young people are least likely to remember to vote tomorrow. So if you know any young people who you think need reminding to vote, please send this image to them, and tag them in your Facebook post. Here it is again:

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