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Neighbours are turning against each other, people are blaming migrants for the lack of secure jobs, and hate crime’s on the rise. Our politicians and banks have created a totally unbalanced and dysfunctional economy, and it’s breaking our society.

But now we have an opportunity. Because politicians are never more keen to please their voters and offer new solutions, than during an election. If thousands of us tell our MP candidates they need to commit to a fairer economy before we commit to voting for them, together we could start to build a fairer society.

They’re never more likely to listen than right now as they’re scrambling for every last vote. So please will you email your MP now to demand they commit to rebalancing our economy before it’s too late?

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Here’s the picture they’ll see in the email:

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It’s been a noisy election so far. But MPs everywhere are fighting for their seats, determined to outdo each other on the big issues. And we know the economy is a top issue! As voters, we have real power to push the idea of a broken economy up the agenda. It’s not working for most people, and together we can show them that we’re demanding better.

As an elected politician, your MP will have powerful tools available to them to rebalance our economy. A starting point should be pushing the Bank of England to put newly-created money straight into the real economy – something we’ve been shouting about for the last 9 months.

Positive Money supporters have always stood up for a fair economy. All around the UK – and world! –  we come together to get the word out online, at events in our local communities and in public meetings. Now we have an opportunity to get real commitments from politicians.

So please will you join me in contacting at least one or two of your MP candidates today, to call on them to commit to using their power to stop policies that increase inequality? There’s some suggested text and a list of the candidates emails, so it should take less than 2 minutes:

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