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Vince RichardsonYes it seems an invisible policy,but we have a active Green party member in our local group.He has asked the leadership personally and they are100% behind it.Just they are reluctant to discuss it in public....for fear of being cut down by the media on it.....not great I agree but they do agree with ...

June 2017

Bob WelhamSorry Vince, but I still don't see it in the manifesto. What I do see is this, good as far as it goes but not full monetary reform:"Use the government-owned Royal Bank of Scotland to create a network of local people’s banks for every city and region, obliged to lend locally and provide cheap basi...

June 2017

Bob WelhamUnfortunately, as far as I can see, Monetary Reform is not mentioned in the 2017 Green Party manifesto.https://www.greenparty.org.......

May 2017
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