“Once-in-a-decade” opportunity for a fairer money system

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It’s hard to believe, but over the last few years, the government has let the Bank of England pump billions of pounds to the very richest, while inflicting cuts on the rest of us.

But now we’ve got a “once-in-a-decade” opportunity to change this. A small, influential group of MPs has launched an inquiry into the effectiveness and impact of monetary policy since the 2008 financial crash. [1]

We know the government and Bank of England’s policies have caused huge inequality and done little to help the economy. We know it could be done in a much fairer, more beneficial way for all of us. This is our chance to tell them and show them the evidence.

Positive Money is going to make a submission to the inquiry, which closes on 5th March. But it’ll be much more powerful if it includes thousands and thousands of our voices behind it. So please will you add your name to the statement below? It takes less than 30 seconds:

    4 bullet point statement to submit to the TSC Inquiry
Since 2009, the government has let the Bank of England pump billions of pounds to the very wealthiest – the people who own most of the financial assets – whilst cutting spending for the rest of us. It’s grown the already-huge inequality gap. It’s time this stopped, isn’t it?

Opportunities like this don’t come round often. When we met one of the MPs on this Committee a couple of weeks ago, he told us this was a “once-in-a-decade” opportunity to change the direction of the UK’s monetary policy.

And whilst two or three MPs on the Committee are already sympathetic to what we’ve got to say, there are a few more who could be convinced. The Committee is inviting the public and specialist organisations for their views and evidence. And we’ve got our arguments ready and the facts stacked up to back them up.

It’s not every day thousands of people demand a change to policies as specific (but so important!) as monetary policy. So let’s show these MPs we mean business. Please add your name to the statement today, so we can deliver it before the 5th March deadline:

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As Positive Money supporters, we each do what we can to spread our message for a fairer, more democratic and sustainable money system. Add your voice, so together we can make the most of this rare chance to prove to the government that it’s time for fairness.

[1] http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/treasury-committee/news-parliament-2015/post-2008-uk-monetary-policy-launch-16-17/


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