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What an exciting few weeks for the Positive Money campaign! Rounding off this morning with this full-page splash in the local newspaper of the Chair of the influential Treasury Select Committee of MPs. Here’s our crowd-funded advert in the Chichester Observer last week:

picture of the Chichester observer advert

This advert was funded by hundreds of Positive Money supporters who chipped in to make sure Andrew Tyrie got our message. And this is just one part of all we’ve done together in the last few weeks, to make sure MPs deciding the future of monetary policy hear our call for a fairer deal.

In a landmark inquiry that closed last Sunday, a powerful group of MPs, the Treasury Select Committee, invited views on the impact of monetary policy since the 2008 financial crisis – this was a clear opportunity to us to make our case heard!

Check out the submissions we made:

  • The statement, calling for fair monetary policy, signed by a whopping 9586 supporters of Positive Money like you. It’s not so often so many thousands of people make a noise about monetary policy!
  • 43 economists and academics signed a longer statement put together by Positive Money (And we convinced ten of them to submit their own research too)!
  • A 6,000-word comprehensive dossier of evidence to back up our submissions above

And just in case that wasn’t enough, on 9th March we hosted a meeting in parliament, bringing together MPs from different parties to share ideas, knowledge and proposals for how to get fairer monetary policy.

Hopefully, like me, you’re feeling inspired by what we’ve already achieved together in 2017. It’s people power in action.

Because we campaign on such a big issue – how our money system works, progress doesn’t come quickly in our campaign. But we can be sure that we have made a very strong case for fair monetary policy to the most powerful MPs right now on this issue. We’ve shown there’s support from top academics and thousands of members of the public. And we’ve provided them with clear research to prove our points.

In the 2017 Positive Money supporter survey, 40% of supporters voted “lobby MPs” as a top tactic for us to use this year. [2] This inquiry was our biggest opportunity ever, and together we can be proud that we’re working to make the most of it.

Hopefully we’ll have more exciting news to report on again soon, but for now, it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back and get ready for the next big opportunity.


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