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Kickstarting 2017, nearly 3000 Positive Money supporters voted for what we should do together to make our money and banking system fairer this year. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas.

Together we voted on where to focus our campaign, which tactics to use, what’s most important to us, what we want to do as individuals and how we’re feeling. Here are the results:

supportersurvey2017 chart1 590x450

supportersurvey2017 chart2 675x450

supportersurvey2017 chart3 735x485

supportersurvey2017 chart4 590x450

supportersurvey2017 chart5 1004x580

supportersurvey2017 chart6 615x495

Knowing what each of us cares about makes us stronger. Because when thousands of us pool our ideas, we come up with better plans.

And the same goes for when we pool our resources – we can achieve more together. So what do you think? Are you up for helping push us closer to a fairer, stronger, sustainable money and banking system in 2017?

Hundreds of Positive Money supporters have already chipped in to help us turn our plan into a reality. Please will you join them and make a secure donation now? Even if it’s just the price of a cup of tea, it all adds up to helping bring about the changes we all want to see, sooner.

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