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Positive Money are hiring!

We are looking for Chief Economist committed to our vision for a fair, democratic, and sustainable money system.

Positive Money aims to become globally-recognised thought-leaders on monetary policy and central banking and we want our research to have significant political impact.

The Chief Economist will work with the Positive Money team to develop and implement our research strategy. This will include researching how the current monetary system contributes to economic, social, and environmental problems, and researching Sovereign Money and developing Sovereign Money proposals.

The role will involve engaging with economists (including academics, professionals and policymakers), encouraging them to engage in the debate around monetary reform and maintain relationships with them. The chief economist will ensure the research team supports the influencing and supporter network teams by providing them with technical expertise, and ensuring the accuracy of our public communications. The chief economist will work with the team to identify how to broaden Positive Money’s analysis of the dysfunctional money and banking system, and the role of central banking.

We’re looking for an applicant with a strong economics background, ideally with a focus on the monetary system (this could be from academia, policy, or the financial sector). Ideally they would have published work demonstrating research and writing ability. They are a clear, creative thinker with developed influencing skills, who can build relationships with and influence key players across academia, private and public sectors. They have experience in public speaking, and would be comfortable explaining complex economic concepts to a range of audiences. They are able to work in an open-minded way, understanding the complexity of the money and finance system, being open to criticisms of Positive Money’s research. They are able to help the organisation evolve and build on criticisms.

Read the full job description and the application process here

Closing date for applications: 20th February 2017

Please share with people who might be right for this role and with your friends. Thank you!

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