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Positive Money Bournemouth

In the last few months, Positive Money local group members have been doing some wonderful activities around the country. 

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that we are part of a bigger, powerful community of brilliant people putting positive energy and ideas into the world. 

Here are just some of the fantastic activities that Positive Money local groups have been doing: 

  • The Edinburgh group ran a stall for three days at IdeaSpace, the event held in parallel to the SNP conference. Group coordinator Richard Taylor presented Positive Money to 100 people as part of a panel discussion event. Amazing work!
  • John in Bournemouth put in a sterling effort to get Positive Money into his local paper, the Bournemouth Echo. Local press coverage is a first for Positive Money – well done for kicking us off John! 
  • After watching the Big Short, The Hackney group had a lively Christmas party last Friday. And the Hammersmith group have their Christmas social next week. Mince pies all round! 
  • Cam in Devon did impressive research to expose how his constituency in Devon has disproportionately experienced the negative side effects of QE. He presented this to his MP who is now using the facts in a letter to the Treasury. Inspiring stuff Cam! 
  • The Waterloo group found a great way to get more people on the street to sign the ‘Create Money for People, not financial markets’ petition: using big pictures to invite people to choose how they would spend £70bn of new money. Interactive works best! 

Positive Money supporters are always being encouraged to start up local groups in their area. Are you interested in starting or being part of a Positive Money local group in your area? 

Local groups support each other to learn about the money system, to plan activities and events, and to lobby local politicians. There is a lot of support available! We have resources and tools for local groups, we host an annual retreat, provide other training opportunities, and there is an online platform for all active supporters of Positive Money.

Click here to see if there is already a group meeting in your area. If you are interested in setting a local group up, please email to find out more.


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