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Positive Money has never been a lone voice. Around the world, many people are arguing that the broken money system lies at the heart of the problems we face.

Divided we are weak. 

We need to work together to bring about a money and banking system that works in the interest of society. So, In 2013 we initiated the International Movement for Money Reform (IMMR). The movement has been growing ever since and now the IMMR has 23 member countries.  

We have seen some incredible breakthroughs in national campaigns. Just a couple of weeks ago, a resolution calling for a money commission was put on the Icelandic Parliament’s agenda.

Despite this success, money reform campaigners rarely have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. We felt this had to change.

So, on the 17th of February Positive Money organised a conference at the European Parliament. Experts, including Frances Coppola and Professor Richard Werner, joined three cross-party MEPs to set out alternatives to the current QE programme.

QE for people conference

Each speaker made the case for QE for People, urging politicians and civil society organisations to question whether the current programme was working and consider new ways to ensure money gets to the european people and businesses that need it the most.

Whilst expert voices are important, we believe real change has to come about at the grassroots level. This event was followed by a packed 4-day training hosted by Positive Money, which was attended by members of the IMMR from across the world – including participants from South Africa and Iceland. 

IMMR training

Together, we learnt from the strengths and lessons of national campaigns, built important skills, made long-lasting friendships, and defined the common aim of our movement.  

We need your help to make that voice louder. Can you chip in £10 to help strengthen our international network?

We received funding to make the training and the conference happen – but this will not go much further. By the end of the training, there was so much energy and commitment. We can’t let it go to waste.

By chipping in a small amount, you will be able to help us to:

  • Produce sharable content from these events – including subtitled videos from the conference at the European Parliament

  • Dedicate our time and resources to strengthening campaigns in other countries

  • Keep the pressure on politicians and civil society organisations in Europe

  • Continue coordinating the QE for People campaign in the Eurozone 

We are a hardworking team, who know how to make limited resources go a long way.

Could you donate £10 and help create a strong international money reform movement?

Thank you!

IMMR training
Photo from the first international gathering of money reform activists in Brussels

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