Is it time to rethink QE? (Share Radio)

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Fran Boait, Executive Director of Positive Money and economics commentator Professor John Weeks discuss whether it’s time to rethink the concept of Quantitative Easing on Share Radio Investment Perspectives programme.

Listen here (25 min):

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  • Tony Harvey

    The talk freezes before resuming often and after about 12 mins 25 secs freezes permanently. I can’t get it beyond there. I am using a modern computer and operating system at a public library. Anyone else experiencing this?
    By the way I have read Prof John F Weeks’ ascerbic book right through ‘How Mainstream Economics Serves the Rich, Obscures Reality and Distorts Policy’ so I was more than usually interested in this PM blog item. I managed to persuade the library here to buy in his book and occasionally people borrow it.

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