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Auburn ParksSo I scanned through some of the stuff at the perfect economy website, holy crap is that some vacuous bullshit. If thats your idea of "educate yourself on money creation" then you're just as far off the reservation as any right wing gold bugger I've ever seen. Good luck with all that....

January 2016

ukguyforumMathematical Perfect Economy [ MPE ] is the only solution forward but governments are scared of this and upsetting the corrupt bankers google this to educate yourself on money creation....

January 2016

roberto martoranaThis is my page about a new theory macroeconomic conception monetary system https://www.facebook.com/no... , #macroeconomicsustainable ,and any reply are well accepted : i wrote about this on "riodialogues"(exposed better in the note https://www.facebook.com/no... :I suppose a new rule for Centra...

December 2015
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