Martin Wolf and Positive Money’s Ben Dyson on national Dutch TV

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Dutch TV

Dutch national television broadcasted on 13th October 2014 a report with interviews with Martin Wolf and Positive Money’s Ben Dyson. They both spoke about the need to reform the monetary system.

Watch here

Dutch TV Ben


And here you can watch Martin’s extended interview

Dutch TV Wolf




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  • simonthorpe

    Why Dutch television? Why on earth can’t th BBC do this too?

    I note that BBC radio 4 is proposing to do a Listener Week in November, with 3 programs that will present ideas proposed by listeners – Woman’s Hour, In Our Tme, and Saturday Live.

    Isn’t it the right moment to get these questions out in the open?

    • simonthorpe

      You can petition the producers of ‘In our time” here

      Here’s what I have just told them

      Over 30,000 people have signed up to the Positive Money movement. They have been arguing, very coherently, that virtually all are current problems can be traced back to a totally broken monetary system in which commercial banks have been given the power to create 97% of the money in circulation. Indirectly, we all have to pay interest to “rent” the money from commercial banks. Boom and Bust economics are an inevitable consequence. And yet the solution was proposed in the 1930s by the Chicago school – make money creation the responsability of the state, rather than commecial banks.

      Amazingly, this absolutely fundamental question never ever gets discussed in the mainstream media. It is the BBCs moral duty to take the lid off this critical question.

      A few months ago, the Bank of England actually admitted that banks create the money they loan to use out of thin air. The myth that we borrow money that has been deposited with banks as savings is now dead, but nobody seems to know it.

      Get Ben Dyson from Positive money on the program – please!!!

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