'Modernising Money' – one of the few hopes of escaping from our current dysfunctional monetary system

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After two years of research, and writing, and more research, and more writing, Andrew Jackson and Ben Dyson have completed the book ‘Modernising Money’, which documents, in more detail than ever before, exactly how we could fix the monetary system for the benefit of business, society, and the environment. These proposals offer one of the few hopes of escaping from our current dysfunctional monetary system. And today, the book is available on sale.

“This “must read, must act” book lucidly explains two things; the urgent need for a simple basic reform of the money system to make it work more efficiently and fairly for all; and an accessible way for responsible citizens to help make the reform happen.

- James Robertson, author of ‘Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough?’

The foreword was written by Prof Herman Daly, Former Senior Economist at the World Bank.




Here are some thoughts from a few supporters who have reviewed the book:

Modernising Money is a thoroughly researched and very timely investigation into the way money is created, managed and circulated by our commercial banks. Unlike many analyses of what is wrong with the current system however, it also offers very well thought through and workable solutions.’ – Bernard Jarman

‘Modernising Money demands to be taken seriously by anyone concerned by the deepening economic malaise; what is proposed therein is a fundamental reform of the monetary system in the interests of the majority of the population. ‘

Modernising Money is much needed because it draws attention to the extreme differences between the historical reality of money and the textbook story which is taught in high schools as well as to students of economics.’ – Mark Jansen

All proceeds from the book bought directly from us will go towards continuing the Positive Money campaign.


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