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We have a new video course, there are exciting news coming from Iceland, we need volunteers for our upcoming conference and we need you to start a local group, especially if you live in London. Please read below.

1) New videos: Banking 101

BANKING 101 Video CourseThere’s a lot of confusion about how banks work, most university economics courses still teach a model of banking that hasn’t applied to the real world for decades. While banking may seem like a complicated subject, anyone can learn the basics.

Do you really want to understand how banks operate? Then our new video course ‘Banking 101′ is for you! Now you can watch Part 1&2.


2) News from Iceland

Monetary Reform investigated in Icelandic Parliament

In the Icelandic Parliament has recently been put forward a motion calling for the forming of a committee to report on how in the current banking system the function of money creation can be separated from the function of lending.

Positive Money has made a submission in favour of the establishment of a committee to assess the need for reform and offered to provide to any established Committee highly-detailed step-by-step reform proposals, an assessment of risks etc.  to show that alternatives are feasible.

Find out more here

In total there were 12 submissions made, 9 of them positive, 1 submission was slightly negative and 2 rather negative (from The Central Bank and the Icelandic Financial Services Association, which considered it ‘pointless’ to investigate the issue further).

We will report how the situation evolves further.


3) Volunteers Wanted – Conference

We are looking for volunteers to help us at the 3rd annual Positive Money Conference “Modernising Money” that will take place in London on Sat 26th January.

We need photographers, facilitators, cameramen, and video-editors. Please contact


4) Set up a local group supporting Positive Money

Positive Money supporters are the backbone of our campaign for a socially useful money system. Local groups exist for our supporters to meet, plan and organize local events, screenings, presentations, talks and discussions with the aim to spread the word and help the campaign grow. But they also provide an open and inclusive space for our supporters to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment and to debate the questions around the money system. In the last year we have seen a number of new local groups created across the UK.  Find your local group here.

If you don’t have a Positive Money group near to you and you’d like to help set one up, please get in touch. Especially we would like to encourage you if you are living in London – please contact us and help form a group in one of the London areas.  Email:


5) Upcoming Events

London, Sat 26th January 2013 – 3rd annual Positive Money Conference “Modernising Money”




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