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Mary Mellor’s  Economics course – Understanding money, the route to economic democracy and a sustainable planet, is now available to watch online. Mary Mellor is author of ‘The future of money’ and emeritus professor at Northumbria University. She has worked in this area for over 20 years and published widely.

The course is a series of four, approximately one hour lectures. It was filmed in February 2012 and was organised as a collaboration between Professor Mary Mellor, North East Transition Towns Activist Network, Sentient Cities and Newcastle University as part of the regions ongoing shift toward fostering more satisfying, resilient and ecologically sustainable communities.





See the slides to the session 4.


‘Mary Mellor’s understanding makes an essential contribution to anyone wanting to know more about how the money system works and what its future could and should be.

She takes the view that money is a public resource that should be used to provision human societies on the basis of social justice, wellbeing and environmental responsibility. A steady state economy would be possible if the money system was not driven by the demands of debt-based money, financial accumulation and profit-driven growth. Money should be reclaimed and democratised for the benefit of the whole of society and the natural world.

I support that view wholeheartedly, and warmly recommend these films to anyone who wants to learn more and think what we should do about it.’

James Robertson, author of Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough.




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  • Tony Harvey

    Thank-you very much. Watched all of them. Well worth the effort. She seems to me a real authority I can trust as she grounds her reasoning on the essentially social nature of money. For the changes we want to it to make it allow a “needs led provisioning economy”.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/KiwiELT Errol Thompson

    I like what she says. The history of money and her explanations of what is happening now are good. However, some could be put off by her presentation style.

  • Trevor Bacon

    these lectures are about the first thing in years that has made me think that we have a chance and can change things for the better. I actually feel hopeful. Will buy the book and post on Facebook. I agree with the other comments but have to disagree with Errol Thompson, I think that her presentation style is very engaging.

  • Peter Sullivan

    Interesting series of talks. I agree with Trevor – yes there is hope. Mary Mellor’s point (approx 23 mins in Session 4) about there having been Public Money Issue occurring in this country in our recent past (eg 30 years ago), I found very interesting. I didn’t know THAT before now!

    I have been trying to find further information on this – but am finding it difficult to do so. Strange that (or maybe it’s just me). If anyone can point me in the direction of this – then I would be grateful. It could be really obvious & I’m just overlooking something.

  • simoncz

    I like it that she presents her ideas in a matter of fact way. It’s a refreshing contrast to the old testament style bellowing adopted by so many others.

  • John Coochey

    Where did this woman get her qualifications from? This is pseudo marxist drivel and would laughable to anyone with even high school economics. Is it some kind of hoax?

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