Exactly how banks create money out of nothing? (new video)

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1) How is money really made by banks (new video)

How is money really made by banksDo you want to really understand how banks can create money out of nothing? While it may seem like a complicated subject – it’s not that difficult.

In this new video you can learn how commercial banks can create money through the accounting process they use when they make loans, how banks make payments between each other using specially created central bank money, if the Bank of England really can control how much money is in the economy …and more. This video is the 3rd part of our new 6-part video course ‘Banking 101′. (You can watch the parts 1&2 here.)

Watch here.


2) Conference “Modernising Money”

We’re looking forward to see you at our conference on 26th January 2013 in London. Watch this 1 min video to learn what it will be all about:

Book now to be sure of a place. Tickets bought before 31st December are just £30 including an organic vegetarian lunch.  (£25 without lunch).


3) Book “Where Does Money Come From?” – 2nd edition available now

The new revised edition of the book “Where does money come from? – A guide to the UK monetary and banking system” is available now! It’s a book that provides a comprehensive overview of how the system actually works in non-technical language.

The second edition includes brand new sections on Quantitative Easing (QE), The LIBOR scandal, The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and also a new concluding section which lays out some alternative options for how money could be created and allocated in a less ‘sub-optimal’ manner. The second edition is in hardback but at the same price as the original and it will also be available on Kindle next year.

You can now order it here.

4) Help us launch our new book “Modernising Money”

We want to recruit people to help us to promote the book “Modernising Money” and get it out to a larger audience. If you want to help you will get a free electronic version of the book, to read over the Christmas break, and in return we will ask you to do the following:

  • Post reviews about the book;
  • Ask your local libraries to get a copy;
  • Use your social media networks to spread the word;
  • Ask friends and family who are interested to try and get the book in their local bookshop.

We would also love to hear your ideas for publicising the book and gaining as much interest as possible. These promotional activities would start in the run up to the book launch, which will be at the Positive Money Conference on 26th January. We also want promotion to continue after the launch, into February. One thing to remember is all the proceeds from the book will go directly into the Positive Money Campaign. Please join the launch team by emailing fran@positivemoney.org or by ringing 0207 253 3235.


5) Raise money for the campaign at no cost to you

Now there is an easy way to support Positive Money: by shopping online. We have registered our campaign at easyfundraising. It doesn’t cost you anything – just shop online and the partner retailers will donate money to Positive Money campaign. You can shop with any of over 2000 well known retailers listed on Easyfundraising.org.uk and a percentage of what you spend is passed to Positive Money at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, eBay, Sainsbury’s, Viking and many more.

Please register to support us today.


6) 97% Owned DVD Launch

The producer of the monetary reform documentary 97% Owned is asking for our help to crowd source the production of the DVD’s.

Pledge £9 or more now  and you will receive a finished copy, professional authored, of the full 2hr 10 minute film.


7) Upcoming Events

London, Sat 26th January 2013 – 3rd Annual Positive Money Conference “Modernising Money”


8) More from the blog

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New Documentary: Economic Science and the Debt Crisis – Must watch!

Positive Money on Radio Free Brighton (audio)


We wish you Happy Christmas!

Ben, Mira, Drew, Henry, Fran & Miriam

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