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With 2012 almost over, we want to give you a roundup of what has happened this year. It has been a busy year for the Positive Money campaign, a lot has happened during the past 12 months, so here is a brief run down:

We have trained speakers all around the country who are now able to speak about the need for money reform on various conferences and events.

Ben has been speaking at some important events including:

The first UK documentary about the debt-based money system – 97% Owned – was released. It has made monetary reform more widely understood and screenings have helped grow our campaign.

Our message has begun to reach the mainstream media too. We have been on BBC Radio 4, and have been written about in the Guardian, Telegraph, and the Independent.

After two years of campaigning, our argument that the financial crisis was caused by the ability of banks to create money was vindicated by the UK’s chief regulator.

The campaign for reforming the money system is also growing internationally. New campaigns have been established in many countries. Internationally, the interest of the media has increased, not least because of the paper published by the IMF advocating proposals for reform similar to ours.

We have established a Board of Advisors – and gained some high-profile, recognized experts in it!

Thanks to your generous donations our team has doubled in size; three new members have joined our team. Thanks to them we could release a lot of new videos that make the subjects more accessible and thanks to them we’re significantly increasing the range of our activities and influence.

Drew and Ben have finished the new book ‘Modernising Money’, which lays out our proposals for reform.

You, our supporters have organised dozens of meet ups, screenings, stalls at festivals, and presentations, all around the whole country and abroad.

We simply couldn’t do all these exciting things without you. A BIG THANKS to all of you who are supporting the campaign. Whether you’re donating or volunteering, organising our events, or translating our web content… –  it’s invaluable and indispensable for the success of the campaign.

Exciting activities are planned for the next year – our first event is the conference on 26th January, where we hope to get you all more involved in the campaign, and where we will launch our new book ‘Modernising Money’. We will also be building a movement, by closer cooperation with other campaigns and NGO’s we want to build an alliance across parties and civil society – we hope this will transform the campaign to a whole new level.

Getting the wider public to understand the problems with our debt-based money system is essential if we want things to actually change – so this remains our focus for 2013.

We are continuing to play a unique and vital role in providing an understanding of the flaws in our system. We are gaining support from high-profile experts and building a compelling vision of a society governed by fairer rules, one that reflects the needs of people, and one that has an economy able to create real wealth…

Thank you for all your support!

Best wishes and a restful holiday season, from all in the Positive Money team.

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