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Positive Money New Zealand, a campaign to reform the New Zealand banking system was launched on the 17th October 2011 to a small but supportive audience in Wellington.

The idea to launch Positive Money NZ came when the co-founders, Don Richards and his wife Sue Hamill viewed “The Secret of Oz”, a documentary by Bill Still that suggested that the movie “The Wizard of OZ” was an as an allegory for the political, economic and social events of America in the 1890s. The documentary also explained the history of money from biblical times to modern day and documented the battles the Americans engaged in, and ultimately lost, to gain control over issuing their money. The film also asserted that the current banking system enabled private banks to force recessions at will by refusing to offer new loans while simultaneously demanding payment on existing loans.

Don and Sue’s initial reaction was one of anger, followed by resignation and despair. However after reading the Positive Money UK website they became empowered and approached Ben Dyson, founder of Positive Money UK, and asked if he would be happy to allow them to become their New Zealand branch.*

Ben was happy to oblige and provided the content of their website which was customised to the New Zealand environment. A kiwi version of their “One Good Cut” You Tube clip was also created which has had a modest 1,800 hits.

Back in 2011, little did Positive Money New Zealand know their first 365 days was to be so eventful. During October 2011, their first month in existence, the “Occupy Movement” took off and Sue and Don spoke and handed out flyers at “Occupy Wellington”.

The following month was the national elections and Don stood for parliament as an independent, on the platform of debt free money. Not only did the message get great profile, but Don stood against Annette King, the then deputy leader of the Labour Party, Russel Norman the co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party and Chris Finlayson, a Cabinet Minister. They heard the message at every public meeting.

During the same month of the Election Raf Manji, an economist from Christchurch, was interviewed on National Radio by Kim Hill. Kim’s programme is one of the highest rating radio programmes in New Zealand and Raf did a great job of explaining the current system in 30 minutes. The rebuild of Canterbury after the devastating earthquakes is an obvious candidate for direct injection of debt free money and this was mentioned by Raf and also during the election.

In addition New Zealand Investor magazine came out with a front page article on debt free money that was supported by a scathing editorial and a four page article, written by Deidre Kent on how money is created. Deidre wrote the book Healthy Money, Healthy Planet.

During 2012 the following initiatives were taken:

  • In January letters and supporting material were sent to the Head of Economics and the teachers of year 12 and 13 Economics of the 33 largest secondary schools in New Zealand. A follow-up email indicated that few were prepared to use the material provided.
  • Letters were sent to the Mayor and Councillors of Christchurch and Wellington and letters are ready to send to their counterparts in Auckland, Dunedin and Hamilton.
  • Don was interviewed by Steve Hart, a freelance journalist and contract editor on a special 10 minute podcast
  • Separate meetings were held with David Parker, Finance spokesperson for the Labour party, Grant Robertson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Russel Norman co leader of the Green Party. They were interested in what we had to say, but we did not think they would take it further.
  • A very good article by Raf Manji called “Make the Boat go faster” was posted on the PMNZ website.
  • Our Minister of Finance Bill English refused to meet with Positive Money NZ, but he did assure us in September that all was well as New Zealand was following “International Best Practice with our banking system. PMNZ responded with a few observations of their own and are awaiting a response.
  • Sue spoke before the select committee on the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill 27-1.
  • Don wrote an article in the October New Zealand Investor magazine on the IMF Working paper titled The Chicago Plan Revisited.

To cap off a very good first year, Russel Norman, co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party announced their proposal to have the Reserve Bank create money to fund the rebuild of Christchurch and as a consequence bring down the value of our overpriced dollar. This idea was met with ill-informed ridicule by the current government, but it is heartening to see New Zealand’s third largest political party having the courage to make such a stand.

With such an eventful year, who knows what their second year has in store for Positive Money New Zealand.

* Please note we’re not setting up other Positive Money branches at the moment, as we haven’t got time to support them and make sure that the brand and message is completely accurate. But if you want to get something started in your country, we’d be happy to help out as much as possible.

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  • donald

    Brilliant! Hats off to them! Keep up the good fight, it will soon start making sense to people. Glad to hear the update, they are making great progress. Well done!

  • righteous-Judge

    It about time someone else started beating the thick as bricks Kiwi’s around the head as to the Banks and their FIAT Money creation program being the problem. I have been seeking to hammer this home to the public via the comment pages for nigh of two years now and its just bluddy great I now have some support from an unexpected source all of a sudden. Well done people and I wish you all the best. Righteous-Judge NZ,

  • Philip

    Hi Mira, just having read my Uk positive money email , i said to my wife, its a shame i we don’t have positive money in NZ. I took an interest in banking when i was involved in the ANZ/ING frozen funds group, which opened my eyes to just how badly these institutions could behave. Since then i have read as much information as i can get hold of , Money Master, The 13 Bankers etc.
    When Lianne Dalziel/JohnBoscowan launched an illegal contracts private members bill to support our case, with help from our national group and launched in Hastings we were also blanked by Craig Foss. The bill was recently drawn and voted down by national. Many of these guys are ex bankers so no surprise there, they do not have the interests of the people at heart and i would be surprised if they understand how money is created.
    Gerrard Prinsen was the driving force in our campaign he gave up his job for 2 years ,i can only say Gerrard would make an excellent politician he has world class oratory skills.

  • donald

    Brilliant! Hats off to them! Keep up the good fight, it will soon start making sense to people. Glad to hear the update, they are making great progress. Well done!

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