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Really interesting and stimulating days at Just Banking Conference organised by the Friends of the Earth Scotland on Thursday 19th April & Friday 20th April! There were some great talks there. For all of you who couldn’t be there, here are the first videos (recording from Livestream).

Thursday: Adam Posen from Bank of England Monetary Policy Comittee & panel discussion with Ann Pettiffor, Prof Richard Werner and Tony Greenham:


The monetary system we have is where banks – profit oriented enterprises – create and allocate the money supply.

Do banks really have to create and allocate the money supply? What about monetary reform? Isn’t this a public privilege that belongs to the public and perhaps should be returned to the public?

Prof Richard Werner

Friday: Josh Ryan Collins from nef talks first, Ben Dyson starts @25.59 min, Prof Marry Mellor @51.25, Prof Richard Werner @02.23, Prof Steve Keen @03.10 …and many more

WATCH HERE (You have to bear the ad in the beginning :-( )

 (Picture in video appears after 2 minutes.)

Final session: WATCH HERE

These videos are recordings from Livestream. We will post here proper videos and more info from this conference soon.

This is a dysfunctional financial system, it is not working for society, for the economy. It is highly inefficient allocation of capital going on here. It’s totally unsustainable in every sense of the word.

Josh Ryan Collins, nef


Banks don’t have to cause crises… But they almost always do.

Prof Steve Keen

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