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Explaining the Positive Money proposals is not always straightforward – to do it thoroughly you need to explain how banking works, what problems this causes, and what the solution is. That’s a lot for someone to take in! Sometimes you wish there was something you could give them to take away and read.

The pamphlet is designed for situations like this, where someone has already shown some interest in the campaign and wants to learn more. Situations where it might be useful include

  • if you give a talk about Positive Money, have some pamphlets for the members of the audience to take away
  • to give to new members at a Meetup
  • to leave with your MP, or to send to journalists
  • if you’re struggling to explain it to a friend
  • if someone has picked up a flyer and has asked you for more information

The Positive Money pamphlet prints on three double-sided sheets of A4 (p2 on the back of p1, p4 on the back of p3, p6 on the back of p5)

The Positive Money Booklet is now available on the FLYERS page.

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  • Anonymous

    That is SO timely.  Only today I was trying to explain the fact that banks print money out of thin air and our current situation is not ‘just the way it is…’.

    Also that to make the tax payer foot the bill for the banks’ greed in lending out so much is privatising the profit and socialising the debt.  My colleagues  just would not have it.  They were adamant that the situation is ‘just the way  capitalism works’ and that there is no alternative. 

    I got rather flummoxed trying to explain the ins and outs as I was not able to state the facts methodically (it is not a simple discussion to have at the best of times and especially not in the face of firm refusal to beleive it could be possible – I don’t blame people, who would want to know what a mess we are really in!). 

    It makes me sad as I know so many people who feel so strongly that there is NO WAY the banks print money out of nothing because 1. Surely the government would never ‘let that happen’ and 2. it is
    just a ludicrous suggestion, capitalism hurts and we just need to get used to it. 

    Knowing about Positive Money and their message and information I sometimes feel like the kid watching the Emperor in his ‘new clothes’ as Greece/the EU and US debts keeps getting ‘solved’
    by creating more debt.  It is also a bit like being in that film ‘The Body Snatchers’.  You sometimes feel like a deluded maniac pointing out what has caused the nightmare we find ourselves in and everyone
    around you says your crazy and ‘such things’ just don’t happen ‘…it is just the way it is’.

    Thank you Positive Money for creating a chink in this wall of delusion over the issue of money and how it is bringing the UK to state of despair (although nowhere near the poor Greek peoples’ situation).

    • Ron Harvey

      The easy way to illustrate the creation of money is to point out that in order to do the same, all you would have to do is write out a promissory note, to pay a sum of money in due course in order to remunerate whoever is willing to accept the note as good.

      In the event that somebody else would then be willing to purchase that note because you promise to pay a bit more to maintain the debt, and they trust it to mean that you promise to return the full amount at the end of the day,  abracadabra.  What you did between you was create a currency, an exchangeable piece of paper worth as much as would be printed by the Royal Mint.

      The willingness to attribute a value to your note is due to the fact that all concerned expect to benefit, tempted to take the risk.  What is wrong with this, so long as they all agree?

      (rhetorical question)

  • Colin

    If you use the FinePrint printer (from you can turn this into a nice little A5 sized booklet using two sheets of paper. Looks much better than just printing on A4.

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