Occupiers Attended Positive Money Meetup in Belfast

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The supporters of Positive Money in Belfast had already their 4th meetup on Wednesday 14th December. This time the protesters from Occupy Belfast took part as well.

Read the encouraging report from the organizer Donald Dietrich:


Hello all,

we had a very good meeting last night in Belfast.  We had a last minute change of venue (again) on Tuesday but we persevered.

We started off the meetup at the Occupy Belfast camp @ 6:30pm.  We visited the occupiers for 20 minutes or so before inviting them around the corner to watch Ben Dyson’s “All About The Money” @7pm.

The occupiers were primed for it due to a few of us calling to them a few times a week to give them reminders and flyers.  There were 7 occupiers available to watch the film along with 5 of Positive Money supporters. 

We watched the film and it recieved a round of applause when it was finished.  James Mccumisky gave a short talk drilling into them that there are solutions to our problems and stressed that these ideas have been advocated and attempted in the past with historical success.

We recieved good feedback and responses to the film, with a few people wanting to watch it again soon to soak up all the information.  I told them that all of the information is available on the website.  We ended the meetup at the camp where we continued discussions until 9 pm.

All in all, a good meetup.  I know of a couple organizations that may also be interested in Positive Money and I plan on making contact in the new year.  

I wish you all the very best and thank you for all your hard work.  It’s paying off!!


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