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Positive News wrote an article about Positive Money and our October Conference “Change money, change the world!”

A simple reform to the way money is created would end the debt crisis, reduce poverty and reinvigorate the economy, say campaigners.

Positive Money, a not-for-profit research and campaign group, believes it has identified the core problem behind the ongoing economic crisis, as well as the solution. The issue, the group says, is the way in which money is created.

The Bank Charter Act 1844 made it illegal for anyone but the Bank of England to print and issue notes in England and Wales. However, following deregulations, the advance of computer technology and the law not being updated, it became possible for banks to create digital money – numbers in an account – in the form of loans, overdrafts and other credit.

You can read the whole article here.



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  • Robert Searle

    It is good to see that Positive News has woken up to the simple reality that a NEW UNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURE, AND PURPOSE OF MONEY IS THE KEY TO MANY PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD. Miracles do happen…!!

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