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The protest against the extremes of global capitalism in London’s financial district that started on Saturday 15th Oct continues.

The demonstration is part of a global movement, urging politicians to listen to people and not to bankers. It was inspired by the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrations in New York, which started four weeks ago. Around 2,000 to 3,000 people took part in the London protest on Saturday, according to BBC, 17th Oct 2011

The protest is giving every sign of preparing to become a permanent fixture. Activists are seeking to maintain good relations with officials at St Paul’s cathedral, in whose shadow they have pitched their tents. (see more info and videos here)

There are a lot of different backgrounds and experiences there – a lot of good people who do not understand the system which has caused all the problems.

If you are in London, you can help to spread the word about the fundamental systemic flaw in our banking system that not many people understand – the way that money is created, by private banks when they make loans. Here you can with basic information, print few copies and hand them out to people in the protest camp:

Download FLYER 1

Download Flyer “Planning to Privatise Money” 

Download Flyer “We Wouldn’t Tolerate”

And it’s not only London – the protests started already also in other cities – Bristol, Birmingham and more other are getting ready.



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  • Archytype

    spelling mistake in the flyer…..

    • João Granchinho

      True, but it’s a .docx document making it easy to correct ‘than’ to ‘then’ before you print it. Unfortunately it also means that anyone trying to hinder PM’s campaign can alter the flyer, print it and distribute it as if it were the original. PM should try to make a .pdf available instead of the .docx.

  • George

    When I open it I get a zip file, but I can’t see the flyer?

    • Mira Tekelova (Positive Money)

      Hi George, now it is there in PDF format, so should be ok.

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