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In this update:

  • Positive Money Conference, London, 29th October – Early Bird Discount on tickets
  • Events in London, Belfast, Bath and Nottingham
  • Plans between now and December
  • We need your feedback!
  • The Latest from the Blog


Positive Money Conference, London, 29th October

Early Bird Discount on tickets

Steve Baker MP & Michael Meacher MP speaking!

Fixing the money system has never been a left-wing/right-wing issue, and to make that obvious, this will be the first monetary reform event ever to feature two MPs from both sides of the political spectrum.

Places are filling up quickly and there’s a 25% early bird discount throughout September, so try to book your place (and invite friends!) in the next 3 weeks.


Upcoming Events 

a)   13th September – first Nottingham Meetup

b)   15th September – second London Meetup, with a talk from Ben Dyson

c)   15th September – second Belfast Meetup

d)   18th September – second Bath Meetup

e)   24th September – Moving Planet Day – Money and the environmental crisis, London

f)    29th September – CONFERENCE “Banking – Seeking a New Paradigm”, Winchester.

Hosted by Prof Richard Werner, co-author of our submission to the Banking Commission, with a keynote address by Lord Adair Turner, chairman of the Financial Services Authority. This event will also be the launch of the New Economics Foundation’s guide to money. More information here and you can register here.

g)   29th September-2nd October – CHICAGO – Ben Dyson of Positive Money will be speaking at the American Monetary Institute annual conference

h)  29th October – POSITIVE MONEY CONFERENCE It’s Our Money”, London – see above.

Nothing happening near you? Organise a meetup and get ideas from the last Edinburgh meetup . 


Plans from now until December 

Aside from the conference and meetups (see above), we’re also looking forward to the release of the New Economics Foundation’s guide to money, scheduled for the end of this month.  This is the outcome of about 6 months of research and reading through 500 documents from the Bank of England to get the facts on how the system really works.

We’re also close to releasing a report on how the banking sector has gradually taken power away from our democratic system, through their ability to create money, their complete lack of accountability to the public, and the misinformation about the sector given to MPs about the real contribution of the banking sector.

Our resident expert Drew Jackson will be spending the next 4 months mapping out the transition from our current monetary system to the reformed system outlined here and in draft legislation here. The finished product will show exactly how it’s possible to reform the system without causing inflation, a credit crunch or destroying the banking sector, and will show that reforming now is much cheaper and easier than trying to rescue the crumbling financial system.

We’ll also be building an online platform to make it easier for you to find people in your local area or with relevant skills to collaborate on campaigns and events. So if you want to organise something in Manchester, you can find other people in Manchester, discuss ideas online, and then start planning something. More on this later.

HELP WANTED!  – If you have skills programming PHP or Rails and want to get involved in building this platform, please get in touch (info@positivemoney.org).


We Need Your Feedback 

We’re trying to make our website as effective as possible in getting the message across, and we’d appreciate your feedback on issues such as:

  • Is the website easy/difficult to use and find information?
  • Is there any issue or question that you can’t find an answer to?
  • What would you like to see more of? (More updates, more events, more videos?)
  • What would you like to see less of?


The Latest from the Blog 

An article about Positive Money was published in the Positive News, 26th August 2011

Steve Baker MP argues that the FED is very nearly bust and it is probably not alone amongst central banks

The UK debt statistics show some shocking numbers

Vince Cable: Disingenuous bankers are trying to derail reforms


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