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Out of the Darkness: Can a reformed financial system solve the world’s biggest problems? (Video)

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It has been 10 years after the financial crash of 2007-8 and the dysfunction of our banking system is finally under scrutiny. A recent event for Positive Money on 18th September 2017 saw 200 people gather at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) to watch a panel do just that. Asking whether ‘a reformed financial system can solve the world’s biggest problems’ were Martin Wolf, Ed Balls and Fran Boait, in a panel debate chaired by Emily Maitlis.

Rollo10Call me a cynic but, "At that time he said to Mervyn King, then chair of the MPC, that we need to know we are equipped to respond to an economic crisis. They acted out a crisis scenario for two weeks to see if they were equipped. He said the exercise showed that they weren’t equipped, and they set...


Rollo10Banks don't want to 'lend to build' as it devalues the property already in the market. They need high purchase prices because it means bigger GDP. Money is created from Fresh Air every time a loan is made and ADDED to our GDP. We rely on Debt for Growth, which is why wages are suppressed. This is wh...

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Making monetary policy work for economic justice


Welcome news this week came from the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice with the publication of their interim report. Prominent voices in business, politics and academia have lent their weight to the report, which assesses the ‘broken’ economic model - or, as the authors prefer, ‘economic muddle’ - we in the UK are burdened with. The buzz around the publication throws up an opportunity to refine the proposals being mooted for reform, and to direct the debate towards areas that risk being overlooked.

Vince RichardsonHi Frank ,This is a second reply, my first disappeared.This is Vince btw not Richard.My answer is simple,you cannot cross the line between fiscal and monetary policy.end argument .....however important anyone believes it to be,no one should smudge the divide or else you start a precedent tha...

23 hours ago

FVLHi Richard,Thanks for your thoughts. Have you read the entire paper? This is a bit of different angle that is being put forward than what you seem to be suggesting IMO.Our position (at NEF) is that the private sector, Treasuries, Regulators and Central Banks all need to consider issues of climate ch...

2 days ago

PJMThe suite of alkanes that we call petroleum -- otherwise known as oil -- is the product of the chemical reactions between calcium carbonate, iron oxide and water, at approximately 1500 degrees Celsius and 5 MPa pressure -- which are the conditions naturally occurring about 100 km below our planet's ...

4 days ago
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DhdhdhdjAnd none could buy or sell unless they had the mark of the beast. When you reveal the truth about the monetary system to the public then perhaps this means it is almost time to move to an even less favourable system for the people - even more government control of them until they need a mark to do a...

3 weeks ago

medialAxisCan we trust central banks or any central body with such power? Another, and truly radical, alternative is for no one to be in control of the money supply. Actually, money supplies. It's about time we rid ourselves of the illusion only states/central banks can issue money. It's a modern idea that ha...

3 weeks ago
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