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James MurrayRoger,Yes indeed.It is now a PR exercise for PM to sell Public Money Creation PMC, Sovereign Money Creation SMC, People's QE PQE, or QE for the People QEP(?)......or whatever is the sobriquet easiest to sell to the populace.We will have to put together all the USPs for the concept that will sell the...

5 hours ago

SimonI have explained the difference in a practical sense RJ, which will relate to most people....

11 hours ago

RJ"So how does a loan, whose interest is never created, get repaid? In a static or declining system, it requires someone else’s principal being used. In other words, not creating the money to pay interest is the device used to generate the scarcity necessary for a bank-debt monetary system to fun...

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Quantitative Easing is back – but will it help the real economy? (nef)

Screenshot 2016-08-19 10.59.56

Last week the Bank of England surprised commentators with the scale of its post-Brexit monetary stimulus package. It included a new £70bn round of quantitative easing (QE), the first since 2012, as well as the more widely predicted 0.25% cut to interest rates, writes Josh Ryan-Collins, Associate Director of the Economy and Finance team at New Economics Foundation in the article from 12th August 2016.

Barry Turner-NewallAre Hammond and May just going to trot along with the bankers' views so widely promoted by the financial maniac Mark Carney?...

5 days ago

Marco SabaMoney creation by banks questioned at a Court in Italy:Court of Genoa: technical assessment on the creation of bank money http://leconomistamascherato.b......

2 weeks ago
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Ratul Rahman"Create Money for the People not financial Markets" I also want to say with you again and again.Thank You,Cogent. Accountants for IT contractors...

2 weeks ago
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SimonIt is a good scheme for banks, as much of their lending is for property, and they have an asset in case of default. Many MPs are invested in Buy to Let so have no incentive to change....

2 weeks ago

ConradJonesThis is one of those political policies that never get's properly understood by any political party, and the key reason for that is .... I just don't know why. Ignorance of MPs? Help-To-Buy is inflating house prices, making it harder for everyone to afford a home. Shelter have researched the effec...

2 weeks ago
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