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Jeff EderWhen Bill Abram suggests printing our own money, he meansspending it into existence, and that’s exactly what Canada did from the late1930’s till 1975 when the right to print money was given away to private interests. Since that time when our national debt was about 18 billion dollars it has incr...

November 2013

PanpiperSadly, this fellow just 'assumes' that money gets 'created', and then goes on to support the idea that the government should be able to simply print whatever it thinks appropriate (Argentina and Zimbabwe both do this regularly). In fact, the ideal system is one in which 'nobody' simply creates money...

February 2013

John MorrisonIt is very interesting that the narrator talks of a time when Canada issued its money by spending it into the economy. Is there any history of this in the UK? I kind of feel there has to be but have not been able to find out.I'm not sure about paying off debts with newly issued legal tender. You are...

February 2013
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