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David Frederick PrestonI wish I did Jim; nothing can change with the current Government in power & the uncertainty of Brexit hanging around us. If those experts had ever got one forecast in ten correct, or the Governing party actually told the truth about what they planned to do, then it may be possible to put togethe...

5 days ago

medialAxisI don't know the answer to your question but, AIUI private individuals don't hold reserve currency and yet QE (which is the 'printing' of reserves, AIUI,) benefits the 1%, yes? As T. May admits....

5 days ago

James MurrayGruffydd,I had to look up SDRs or XDRs as their acronyms seem to be.I understand they can only be used by a country and not an individual.I therefore cannot see how they will protect the wealth of the 1% specifically.Can you explain or send a link?Jim Murray...

5 days ago
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