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Positive Money needs all the help it can get to achieve our mission: democratize money and banking so that it works for society and not against it. And it starts with you. We need you to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, email etc.
Join us. If you care about it, shout and share it.

If you explore our website and our facebook page, you’ll find lots of videos, articles, memes, infographics for you to use to help spread the word.


Facebook is a great way of spreading the word. Like us, share our posts, add comments, use our profile pic, tag yourself in our pics…
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Help us reach out on Twitter. Please follow us, retweet and share our blog posts, videos… Tell all your friends and influential people. Be part of the network of change.
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If your friends are concerned about inequality, share with them:


If they think the system we live in doesn’t serve the needs of people:

We are renting

…and help them understand there’s an alternative:


If they are concerned about debt:


If you use other social networks like instagram, google+ etc., please share our message also there.

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  • Matthew Goldsmith

    Could you provide an A4 sized info sheet about our banking system and positive money as this would provide people wishing to spread the word an easy way to access, produce and hand out information to the public.

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