Quantitative Easing vs Sovereign Money Creation (Infographic)

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  • steve long

    QE went to the rich without an increase in debt by the rich. That injected wealth is needed elsewhere, so tax for it.

  • jamesmurraylaw

    Ben Dyson, PM et al.

    After a little consideration I now see why you have begun talking about the injecting the figure of £10 billion in Sovereign Money in the same breath as £375 billion in QE.

    Of course, as your info graphic says that the boost to the economy of £1 of QE is 8p while the same amount in the form of Sovereign Money is £2.80.

    Thus, the SM equivalent of £375 billion of QE would be about £10 billion (£10.7 billion to be exact, but understandably rounded down).

    The problem is Ben, I had to work it out!

    You must make it more clear on your info graphic why you believe £10 billion injection of SM is exactly the same as the £375 billion of QE purchase of Goverment bonds when you measure each against what they do for the stimulus of wealth-growing, tax-paying, jobs-creating, industrial growth…

    …and that the rest of the QE cash created (ie 92%) goes into the financial sector etc

    Please make it clear and do check with economic numbskulls so it is clear.

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