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Read about events organised by our Hackney local group HERE and our Bristol local group HERE to get some inspiration.

Learning about the money system on your own can be challenging. Getting people together in your local area is a great way to meet new people, deepen your understanding and raise awareness of the Positive Money – and have some fun!

Here are a few ideas of events you could organise. Email for more ideas, help and advice.

Organise a local meet-up: plan a gathering in your local area to share ideas, discuss Positive Money and plan a local campaign.

Show a film: You might want to put on a screening of the documentary 97% Owned or one of Positive Money’s videos (download high-res videos here). This is a great way to kick off your meeting and spark discussion.

Presentation: We have Positive Money speakers across the UK. If possible, we will provide a speaker for your event.


Tips for Event Organisers

Planning your Event Checklist

Submit the details of your event to our website

Remember to take a sign up form! 

sign up form petition

Here is a template email signup form which you can print off for the event.

Positive Money Hackney celebrating after holding a stall at Disco Loco

Positive Money Hackney celebrating after running a stall at Disco Loco in East London

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