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By Simon Dixon “Author Of ‘Bank To The Future: P… Modernising Money is long overdue and needs to be compulsory reading for economics students around the world. How this important issue has been missed by mainstream economists and has been allowed to get this far is beyond me.
I for one cannot wait to see where this book can go and I look forward to seeing a banking world that follows these reforms.

Well done and a great achievement to have written this book.

Compulsory reading for those interested in solving the mess we call a banking crisis today.

For responsible citizenship, 1 April 2013

By Michael M A thought-provoking book that requires a certain intellectual effort to follow but well worth that effort. This should be standard reading for anyone who considers himself or herself to be a responsible citizen.

The solution that we are all looking for, 3 Mar 2013

By Simon Thorpe How many times do you hear that the government is massively in debt, and that there are only two options – either (a) increase taxes, or (b) cut government spending?This story, which is repeated endlessly by policitians, economists and journalists is a fiction. And Andrew Jackson and Ben Dyson’s excellent book explains why. The real problem is that governments have handed the power to create the nation’s money supply to the commercial banking system. And those banks are responsible for creating 97% of the money in the UK system. They create that money “out of thin air” when they make loans. And then they charge everyone – individuals, businesses and governments – interest on those loans.My own calculations back up the claims made both in Modernising Money, and in the Positive Money groups’s previous book “Where does money come from?” (also highly recommended).Show More...

Everyone, but everyone, should read this book. If you hear a politician, economist or jouralist saying that tax rises and cuts in public spending are the only options, you can tell them that they are completely wrong.

Should be required reading for economists, politicians, journalists and activists, 28 Feb 2013

By loulouB This book should be required reading for anyone responsible for managing our economy (Treasury and Bank of England Officials, politicians, MPs), ‘opinion formers’ commenting on our economy (journalists), independent financial advisors and anyone teaching economics, finance or political science to anyone at any level. It should also be read by anyone working in the banking industry so that they realise that the sleeping masses – may not sleep forever. The book addresses complex issues (where money comes from, who controls the money supply and who wins and loses in the current system)intelligently. The writing is as simple as it is possible for it to be, and makes excellent use of clear examples. It is well referenced and presents an objective analysis of publically available information, and resists the temptation to make accusations of mismanagement (or worse. Show More...

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