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We have been active in the North East of England for over 2 years.  We have held several talks with local political parties, organised our own events in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Council as well as regularly attending major local events.

All our group members are critics of our current monetary system and agree that it needs changing.  We are all ages and from all backgrounds and we welcome anyone. Please email Richard for more details.

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Richard Shelley

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    Hi Ralph Where do you meet – i.e. where is the Old George Inn! “I’ve been researching the banking crisis since 2008 when RBS defaulted on £1.4m they’d promised us. We had given them £2m security against it then they tried to back out without releasing the security! Never again! I don’t go fully along with PM i think commercial banks will still be needed to finance SME and Private funding but certainly Debt Free sovereign must must be expanded to an appropriate level.

  • ronmoule

    Excellent stall and discussion in Sunderland. Looking forward to forthcoming meetings. Have contacted film-makers who have produced films on similar interrogation of mainstream finance.

  • Christopher J. Eddie

    V happy to have found via FB & now tweeting to followers..
    Plez Don’t Give Our Wealth To Banks #TakeBackPoundPower

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