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Welcome to the Leicester Regional Positive Money Group!

The origins of the Leicester regional group lie in the chance meeting of two Positive Money volunteers down at the allotments on Aylestone Lane.  The dawning of the realisation that there was at least one other Positive Money supporter in Leicester quickly developed into the mutually-expressed desire to create a Leicester group.  After all, perhaps there were indeed other Positive Money supporters lurking out there unbeknownst to perhaps anyone except themselves.

The Leicester local group is looking for a coordinator! There has been a lot of interest in a Positive Money group but no one is able to take on the role of organising a regular meet up at the moment.

If you are interested in taking on the position or would like to know a bit more about what the role entails, get in touch with Dora via email dora@positivemoney.org or phone 02072533235.

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