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Welcome to the Guildford group of Positive Money supporters!

The Guildford PM local group was set up in 2014. We used to meet in The Star in Godalming and The Star in Guildford. We met once a month and had stimulating conversations about the monetary system. Our current plan is to get together for specific events as and when we have ideas. People are very happy to support initiatives and we have about 16 people we can call upon.

The kind of things we have done are as follows:

  • we have designed a Positive Money Quiz; we have run it three times.
  • some of our members attended the debate in Parliament about Money Creation in November 2014. It was a wonderful moment and we congratulate the PM team for that.
  • we have also attended sustainability events and repair café’s
  • We hold a regular social event and music jam at the White Hart Pub in Farncombe, all welcome on the third Wednesday of every month. At the moment the crowd that comes are mostly members of the progressive left and keen musicians of all political persuasion; all are welcome.

Shirley and David, who typically lead the group, are both trained as Positive Money speakers and would be pleased to speak to any audience. We have spoken at The University of Southampton, The Woking Soroptimists, Surrey Young Greens, The Godalming Unitarians, to name a few.

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a local event that we can help with.


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