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Welcome, we started the Dorset group of Positive Money supporters in October 2013, we now have regular once a month talk and film nights which have Q & A, we meet on the last Thursday of every month where we also discuss campaign ideas.

Please get in touch with Nigel if you’d like to get involved: …or leave a comment below.

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Dorset group of Positive Money supporters is part of a national movement to democratise money and reform banking so that they work for society and not against it.
Dorset group of Positive Money supporters has been created to give voice for the national campaign at a local level. There are regular meetings, film showings, talks with Q & A.
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Dorset Positive Money talk Bank Reform


We intend to educate the Dorset population as to how money is currently created and how this system is responsible for the inequality, debt, environmental, housing and economic problems we now face as a society.

Positive Money Key Proposals include:
* Monetary reform to remove the power of private banks to create money.
* Money expansion to be used for public good and to reduce debt and taxation.
* Banking reform to separate commercial and investment banking and remove public subsidies and guarantees.
* An end to boom and bust economics

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