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“Where Does Money Come From(?)” was the question asked to me at the very first PM meetup I attended. The Cardiff group was founded  in November 2011 by Harry White with me (Justin Lilley) agreeing to help coordinate from then on.

Bill Still’s Secret of Oz was the film that started me looking into Money Reform and led me to first encounter Positive Money’s website and youtube videos.

Due to strong interest shown last year, our members (mainly Harry persuading Julie Morgan) wrote to Assembly Members and Darren Millar, Julie Morgan and Eluned Parrot agreed to forming a Cross Party Group for Monetary Reform. It was set up in the Sennedd in March 2012 with Ben Dyson at the inaugural meeting along with Josh Ryan Collins and Ben returned again in November 2012.

In March 2013 Ciaran Mundy of the Bristol £ gave a superb talk on this exciting alternative currency. There was interest from several Welsh groups to explore this concept. Present were the Cardiff Taffs Community Currency, the Robert Owen Community Banking Fund and Social Innovation Business Wales.

We are keen to push on with the Positive Money campaign by holding street stalls, regular meetups around Wales, by writing blogs and making videos to spread the word and to come up with some innovative events to help carry the message forward. To do this we need more members to join us and get involved in the campaign.

Since then we have held meetups across a number of locations around Wales. Currently we hold regular meetups in Jolyons Hotel, #10 Cathedral Road the first Tuesday of the month. This was a Wednesday but has been changed to accommodate some members and to avoid clashes with the People’s Assembly.

We hope Monetary Reform in Wales will continue to grow and we have begun the registry of an educational charity called Money Wales (Arian Cymru) to continue the interest many of us have developed.


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