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Welcome to the Positive Money Brighton Group page.

We are Brighton supporters of the Positive Money campaign; organising local meetups, talks, and events to raise awareness of the inherent flaws in the UK banking system.

Our first event was held at the King & Queen pub in Brighton, with a screening of “97% Owned” and post-film discussion, and to our amazement had a full house with 70 people attending! Since then we have developed a core group of members, and are already meeting intend to follow up our inaugural event with more meet-ups and workshops, and are planning to arrange another big event.

Join us, get involved – Please get in touch – leave your comment below, or email the convener of this group.

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Mick Reiss

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  • Jason

    Hi Mick. I’m interested in getting involved with the Brighton group. I am a little over-committed with various things but I think the role of money needs urgent reform. I’m also geekily interested in some of the maths: logistic growth compared to exponential growth, and the inherent dangers of algorithmic trading and the Black-Sholes equation, and how they fail to predict bursting bubbles.

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