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The UK’s financial system isn’t working, and our politicians won’t be able to fix it until they understand the crucial impact of how money is created.

That’s why Positive Money is calling on MPs to set up a Money Commission.

Under our current system – where banks create 97 of money in the UK economy – credit is concentrated in financial and property markets. This has led to dangerous levels of household debt, unaffordable housing and worsening inequality. Economists say we’re at serious risk of another crisis.

A Money Commission would examine the effects of this system and consider alternatives.

Can you take 2 minutes to email your MP to ask if they’ll support a Money Commission? (We’ve already written a template letter for you.)


We’re fixing our own email function, so in the meantime please follow this link, enter your postcode, select your MP and copy the text below:



I am worried about the UK’s dangerous levels of personal debt, unaffordable housing and rising inequality.

Leading economists are pointing to banks’ control of the money supply as central to understanding these problems. Under the current system, banks create 97% of new money, and allocate the vast majority of it into financial and property markets. As a result, our economy has become skewed towards property bubbles and specu­lation, increasing the risk of another financial crisis.

There are growing calls for the establishment of a Money Commission, to investigate how our monetary system affects the economy and to consider options for reforming it. MPs from both sides of the house have given the idea their backing.

I’m asking you to write to the Chancellor asking him to commit to supporting a Money Commission and send me a copy of your letter.



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