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To set up a meeting with your MP, here are the latest resources to help you be well-equipped for a purposeful meeting:

Screenshot 2016-10-26 19.10.52A short guide for setting up and preparing for a meeting with your MP:

A briefing for MPs: Rethinking the Bank of England’s Quantitative Easing programme.

Please print this and give it to your MP. You could email it to them too.

A copy of the petition to print and give to your MP.

(You can see the latest number of signatures on the petition here, and fill this number in on the petition form for your MP)

If you’re going to an event or holding a street stall , here are the latest Positive Money resources you can download and print:

Screenshot 2016-10-26 19.06.49

Petition sign up form



Tips for engaging people on the street about the Positive Money campaign

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