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Why do you support Positive Money? Why do you think reforming money is important?

Please write in a couple of sentences below in the comments section.



Carl P Davies I support Positive money because it greatly helped me understand what is going on in the world, why there has been a recession that has affected me personally, why there is a lack of real democracy and what can be done about it. To understand has been eye opening and given hope for a better future.


Justin Lilley I support money reform as the private creation of money leads to the systemic extraction of wealth from the many to the few with little to no benefit for the real productive economy.


Christopher Price For the obvious reason that it is unfair to create money that costs nothing and then charge interest for it to the point that people are enslaved by the tax which comes as a result of the interest bearing debt.


Sussi Ekelin I support Positive Money because once I understood how money is created, I also understood the background to a lot of the things I believe to be wrong in this world and what is required in order to fix them.


Rowan Alcock I support positive money because in an economy the way money is created is fundamental to all other aspects of the economic system. If the way money is created is unethical (entrenching inequality, detrimental to the environment, undemocratic, etc) every aspect of our economy is also unethical… If we believe in democracy, equality and sustainability it is hypocritical to maintain our current money system and we therefore need reform.


Mark Pryke because as proved the current system does not work, it fails those on middle and lower income, it is only geared to favour those in the higher wage bracket and extortionate wealth. I remember one Gordon Brown promising no more “boom and bust”, yet where have we found ourselves over the past few years, on the brink of being bust. This alone should force people in to wanting a better, fairer monetary, wealth creating society.The only people putting forward such an idea, and one that I see as working is Positive Money, they’ve enabled me to get a good understanding of how our current system works and why it fails time and again. Through this I’ve become more positive in my handling of money.


Bill Kruse Privatising the other utilities is bad enough, but privatising money is just plain stupid!


Kieran Casey the glut of credit “money” by banks over leveraging their assets has created modern hyper inflation to the point that people can not afford to live anymore. Would house prices and subsequently housing benefit costs be so high if mortgage money was not created from thin air by banks? They would rise according to peoples earning capacity not a banks ability to “create money” which means people could afford to live and invest on other sections of the economy creating true sustainable growth


Chris Buonanno The current monetary system is controlled by unaccountable private bodies and serves their interests. In order to provide a platform for economic prosperity money must be controlled by a democratically accountable institution and created without any debt attached.


Dino Santos All we have been duped into doing is a ponzy scheme…… Real value of currency is what is needed


Hammad Hanif We can never have true peace until money is distributed across the society in a just way. The current system is an endless spiral towards making a minority filthy rich and the majority desolate.


Chris Goddard In the long term your proposals are a much more sustainable approach to the economy and its a logical step away from this non-democratic, perpetual debt based system we have imposed on us right now which, does nothing but fuel inequality and environmental degradation… Its time we tried a different way.


Jackie Currie Hilchuk I support Positive Money because the collapse is going to happen and when it does we will have some great ideas from Positive Money on how to make the new financial system much better.


David Blaazer Because the present system allows unaccountable people to create money in the pursuit of their own wealth and power, in a way that structures and constrains the whole of the economy, politics and society, mostly to the detriment of ordinary people. Such a power should only be wielded by collective and transparent processes in the pursuit of the public good. Society cannot be democratic until the monetary system is.


Riku Kestilä It is a sane thing, to try and create a more equal world by addressing the root cause of so much inequality, namely our broken economical system.


Jose Linares I wont have a future if the money supply is controlled by the banks. Hence why I support for a democratisation of currency, either virtual or not.

Michele Nicholls Everyone else has already put it far better than I could!


Gerald Winnington-Ingram I support positive money as the prevailing and pervasive financial system is wholly unsustainable – socially, commercially and environmentally


Rebecca Wentworth I support Positive Money because finally someone is spelling out the process in details instead of explitives


Joseph Miller Unless we change our monetary system we’re going to continue redistributing wealth from the real economy to finance and from the poor to the rich. Unless we change our monetary system we can only continue the debasement of our currency which is a feature of the collapse of many previous great societies and empires. Unless we change our monetary system, we are unlikely to challenge the political power of private capital, that has built up since the 1970s principally in the financial sector, and which determines government policies like austerity. Unless we change our financial system, the public purse is going to have to be continually used to bail out a financial system that just fundamentally doesn’t work.


Guy Dawson To take the money from the hands of those who are making private profit from it and to put it into the hands of the peoples government to ensure lower taxes, higher spending on public services and lower debt. All possible with positive money, the people win.


Jeremy Hawton I support Positive Money because I’m tired of the benefits of sovereignty being a private affair for the chosen few. The banks are sovereign and the people are not. We give them hundreds of millions of dollars a day in interest payment and what to we get in return? Less and less benefit and more and more debt.


Halima Brewer because the present system is a wealth distribution system which increases the gap between the obscenely rich and the obsenely poor and is slowly eliminating those in the middle. This in turn creates a climate of crime, depression, polarisation and unhappiness.


Martin Summers I want my children to live without debt.


Jason Haiselden I support Positive money for all the above!! I also believe that things won’t change until people who support Positive money stand for election on this specific issue!!!


Alan Weir I support positive money because our current monetary system is not only flawed, it is a corrupt sham. Currently, a lack of worthless money is the cause of every problem our society has. Show More...


William Patching The way money is created can either benefit or be hugely detrimental to a nation. Our current system opts for the latter: Positive Money has real world ideas for how to change this situation for the benefit of us all so everyone should support the cause. Quote me if you wish (you should have said – you will be quoted unless you opt not to be…). And guys, why are you not on Twitter sending soundbites daily???


Andrew Kirkham Because fractional reserve banking is a form of daylight robbery,with a side order of anti-democratic insurrection.


Franz Bauer I am not sure whether Positive Money is the right system for a new money system. But I am 100% sure that the society has to discuss about the current money system.


Sarah Hague I support Positive Money to counter the one-way direction of enrichment. Bankers have had things their way long enough, the moment has come to say STOP, the rest of us are fed up with this unsustainable and totally unethical system.


Tom Nicolson I support PM because the creation of money should be part of our democratic processes!

Grant Ozolins Because the current system doesn’t serve the people




Leon Clarke Because a society run on rules that mean the system robs the poor to give to the rich is not a fair society


Alex Marshall I support Positive Money for the following two reasons: Firstly, I believe that only the Bank of England should be able to create money, and only then for the general public good through spending on healthcare, infrastructure projects, education etc, and not by private banks which pushes up house prices.
Secondly, I think that the Positive Money website explains, in very precise and simple English, exactly how money creation occurs outside of the Bank of England, and should in time bring awareness of this issue more people in the country.

Felipe Motta I support positive money because it’s raising awareness about how money is created and the impact it has in our lives, about the need of more transparency and an up-to-date regulation that reflects the modern society and economy and their challenges.


Errol Thompson Reforming the money system is critical to establishing a stable economy and one that can focus on the real problems in society and the environment.


Peter Josvai very good concept …
a very revolutionary idea – and a very natural one at the same time …
spreading such thought is already a revolution …


Sam Bonnett Because the current economic system cannot function sustainably within the ecological and physical boundaries of the planet. The economy is nested within the environment. Only politiciahe, economists and mad men will deny this. Entropy will win in the end.


Michael Martin-Morgan Until such a reform is implemented, today’s weak and powerless politicians will continue to sweep their incompetence under the carpet and perpetuate debt by selling bits of paper only to those who can buy them; the banks, who in turn make a mock of democracy by holding said elected officials to ransom.


Martin Hyams I support positive money because I believe in the permaculture principles of system analysis and design; a safe, secure, equitable, sustainable and transparent money system. Positive money is not a solution, but it’s a step in the right direction. The solution is money without any usury (no debt, no deficit, no interest rates) issued into society, not borrowed into the economy – a measure of real value in plentiful supply, owned and controlled by communities. Imagine.


Tony Hillier The policy-makers and practioners within the UK financial system have in my lifetime, had us over a barrel. It is way past time that we educate our selves and our children in how the system works and design the changes we think more humane. (62 years old now). Our children will thank Positive money for leading the way.


Milosz Leopold Stawarski The current money system enables corruption, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, in no way is it democracy, if you can only vote for one rich guy or a different rich guy. And they usually represent only the rich without a care for the poor.

Alex Nisbet I support positive money because they provide an explanation of how money actually works thats easily understood without any great knowledge of economics etc , and how the current system of money creation is detrimental to the wider economy

Iconoclasti Muslimi I support positive money because in an economy the way money is created is fundamental to all other aspects of the economic system.Power to the people!


Karl Heinz Lesch First they ignore us – then they laugh at us – then they fight us – then we winn (Ghandi) A system which has been invented to accumulate all the money and assets by the one% has to be changed by the nintynine% (Publishing welcomed) Namaste!

Ollie Barron: I support Positive Money.  I believe financial reform is necessary to the extent that I’ve recorded a song about it.  It’s called For Money.  Here’s the link to where you can download it from:  https://soundcloud.com/the-common-people-1/03-for-money-full

Mike Godsell: Society, the economy, our way of life, is damaged and unsustainable. We in the UK and much of the developed world need to change the way we think and the way we act. Reform of the way we use and create money is a big part of that needed change. Show More...

Martin Lusty: I support Positive Money because it crystallizes out what I have instinctively suspected even as a child about the artificiality of money, and how contemporary money is no longer a medium of honest exchange, but a medium of control.

Philip Haynes: I support Positive Money because money is a public good that should be managed in the public interest and with public values at its heart. Credit creation should not be privatised to the extent that a few financial institutions and powerful people benefit over the majority. Credit allocation should be overseen by a central bank that has public values and the public interest at the core of its mission and operations. I believe that if the nation’s money was managed correctly debts could be reduced and we could collectively invest in productive and environmentally useful projects from which we would all benefit.

Rafael Zambrana:  I support Positive Money because it recognizes the importance of stopping debt-based money and instead is for creating money debt-free. I support Positive Money because it understands a social movement is required to awaken the people to the importance of the proper money creation process without debt. The way money is created should be changed because it creates the money supply as a constant debt but without producing the currency to pay the interest.  It results in money scarcity that eventually chokes the economy, as it is today. Show More...

Please let us know why do you want the money system to be reformed. And let the whole world know – if you are convinced about it, stand up for it! It’s important.

I support Positive Money imagea) Write it on a poster or a piece of paper and send us a photo of you holding it

  • I support Positive Money because…
  • The way money is created should be changed because…
  • I want the power to create money to be taken away from banks because…
  • Banks shouldn’t be allowed to create our money because…

b) Say it – record a short video (1-2 min) and send it to mira@positivemoney.org

c) Do it in whatever creative way you’ll come up with :-)














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  • matt301273 .

    Because It just can’t go on like this

    • Floris Vogel

      Because I want my children to grow up in a better world.

  • Michael Carter

    I support Positive Money because it has become clear that the modern, Western economical model is not only unsustainable, but is creating an ever widening gulf between the haves and have nots. By allowing banks to generate money out of what is effectively thin air, we have created an entire generation whose prosperity is being sustained almost entirely by debt. At the same time, these banks have pocketed the profits.

  • David Kitching

    One of the greatest causes of many of the world’s ills, including population growth, environmental degradation, food and water shortage and others, is inequity, both within nations and between them. And inequity is primarily due to the way we manage our representation of wealth, namely money. So we need to change the way we either represent it, or manage it, or both.

  • magihall

    I support Positive Money because I don’t think many people understand how money is created. If more people understood the issue I think reform would come much quicker.

    • Matthew Slater

      I support positive money because they are raising awareness about the farcical and paradoxical money system, which enriches and empowers the rich and prevents true social reform.

  • Cassandra

    I support positive money because throughout my life I have seen that the workers who help to create the wealth are the least likely to share in its distribution

  • timevans

    I support Positive Money because the economy is not working for most people.I was bought up in a council house in a poor area-I escaped because of good, free education , and have been able to live in good houses in nice places-my daughter who has a degree and a good job lives in……..an ex council house which she has had to take out a large mortgage. Her debt like many others is due to the idiotic mismanagement of the financial sector of the economy. Real money for a real economy is what we need.

  • Simon

    Many others have made excellent comments.
    There is “never enough money, but always too much debt”.
    The flow of wealth from the productive sector, to an elite, undeserving few.
    Why are there so many poor people in the world, when there is easily enough for everyone to have a comfortable life ? Debt slavery is the main reason, a modern form of serfdom.
    House price inflation of 80 times since 1960,and a tripling of house prices between 1997 and 2007, so getting more people into debt, and making it harder for many to get a roof over their heads.
    The casino economy gaining at the expense of the productive economy.
    My father’s work since the 1970s when we had very high inflation and he wanted to know why. Being an engineer, not an economist, he worked it out, along with many other like minded people.
    Classical economists and established political parties have failed us, so we have to do it ourselves.

  • Tim Thomson

    The present monetary system has a built in ratchet in favour of the rich and powerful and political leaders, and against the less well off. This diminishes the voice of the ordinary people, and makes politicians less inclined to take notice of their views. Thus democracy becomes oligarchy – in UK it arguably already has. I support your aims, but feel that it must get a good deal worse before it gets better! Keep an eye on the USA!

  • Keith Davo

    Working in the financial services sector for over 10 years as a workforce resource planner, so nothing to do with “money” per se, I nonetheless became more and more engaged with the way the whole global financial system functions, following the events of 2007/2008 which affected me directly and profoundly.
    After exploring many different theories and commentaries I have, whilst as a pragmatist broadly accepting that the simple, classic capitalist model is one to which “most people” are aligned (whether they know they are or not) become increasingly convinced that the version of this system we have evolved into is not delivering anything but increasing unfairness and expanding divisions in society.
    Basically, I think capitalism has “matured” and run it’s course, proving it was ultimately unsustainable in any case, so the super-rich are pulling the levers in order to insulate themselves and their progeny for years to come from the inevitable economic and social strife which will come, sooner or later. “They” crave total control and the current system plays entirely into their hands with any tenuous ethical considerations evaporating years ago. And now, the UK Government (complicit due to self-interest) is embedding conditions, propaganda and policies which are not only expanding the gap between the “have and have nots” (that boat has long since sailed) but now creating divides between the “have nothings and have littles”.
    It’s a forlorn hope but I support a “better way” because, as other people have commented: “we can’t go on like this”.

  • JW Beene

    jwbeene letting private banks create money causes a tax
    burden on citizens for money created out of thin air; where positive money does
    not create debt for citizens.

  • frederickwilliamgilling

    Positive Money could be the first step to every country in the world nationalizing its own banks. The second step will be each country only “borrowing” money for Government use from its own “Treasury”. The third step will be the realization that the world will internationally value its currency by its fiscal policy. That should write off the “Euro” as a currency and strengthen the EU as a concept.

  • Bas van Gaalen

    I support positive money because if you dig into our existing system and follow the money, you’ll find out who the people are behind this created money system. It’s all one big crime and you’ll realize that this has to stop before the world gets totally out of control.

  • João Granchinho

    I support Positive Money because the entities responsible for the money creation/destruction process should be accountable to society by design and the process itself should not be driven by the profit of a few private privileged bodies, but by what would best benefit society at each point.

  • Marsha Todd

    I support Positive money because the people are crushed and overburdened with debt; we cannot continue in this dreadful cycle of hardship and debt caused by the financial sectors. Banks need to understand that they cannot keep squeezing us because we, the 99%, are dry and have nothing else left except the fear of what is the next hardship the financial sector will impose on us. Government keep the system because it is great for them but it is devastating to the people. People are suffering and continue to suffer under an increasing deluge of debts and crisis caused by the banks creating money.

  • Lewes

    I support Positive Money because it taught me how the financial system really works and I think everyone should know that the banks make money from lending money they don’t have in the first place!

  • Colin M. Taylor

    I support Positive Money because the current fatally-flawed system encourages an endless cycle of boom and bust.

  • Kevin Clayton

    I support Positive Money because I believe they provide a realistic solution to our monetary problems that would enable us to improve our economy and secure a more stable environment in which to live. If we don’t fix the monetary system that governs every aspect of our society then it is significantly more difficult to fix the myriad of other problems we currently face.

  • Angela

    I support Postive Money because we have outgrown a system which, without doubt has contirubuted to the weath and welfare of the West, has now come full cycle and is not working any more. There is a life cycle to things: one can see this in history – an old system, way, institution, becomes clogged, and even corrupt: – new thinking is required. This is where Postiive Money comes in.

  • annazimmerman

    I support Positive Money because there can be no true democracy without a democratically controlled money supply.

  • Graham

    I would say it’s not the most important thing when compared to how your wealth and your birthright has been stolen from you. If you’ve come this far down the rabbit hole, you should look into the OPPT movement to see what has really been happening. Yes we need a new money system, backed by precious metals, but we need them to pay back to us all what has been stolen from us first.

  • Luke Yeoman

    I support positive money because, in the words of John butler, former managing director of Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank, “The wealth of the people that generated real sustainable wealth in recent decades, is being, systematically country by country, confiscated, by their financial systems that have grown like cancers, and by the governments that are enabling this to continue.”

  • Robin

    I support Positive Money because we need to change way money is created, as money supply should be publicly owned by everyone. The only public body to do this is the government, or a subsidiary of it, i.e. the Bank of England. Any deposits should therefore be held by the BofE (whether directly or through a ‘bank’). Should the banks wish to lend money (it’s impossible to get a society to stop borrowing overnight), they must first borrow it off the BofE. The result of this would be that any excess money in the system will eventually end up back in the hands of the government (to spend it on enriching society, with more public services etc) and NOT into private hands, that are completely unaccountable.

  • Darren

    I support positive money because it is going in the right direction. At the source of this universe we are all one and there is no seperation, that may sound spiritual, but breaking it down for every one.
    We are all connected, and if someone is having sh**, it is all passed on to every one else. There is an agenda to keep people unenlightened, and controlled. This happens on many levels from keeping people addicted to money/debt, to oil to b.s. created by the media, to dumb the people down, or keep them focused on banal things.
    Much media is a one way stream of absolute drivel.
    People need to be informed, money is just one part of it. But we got a pretty not good system at the moment, sure it is better than some systems but is not a very good system. Politicians do not lead, but spout canned lines, and follow whom they receive the money from. To have a group of people every 4 or 5 years, make up the rules, that we have to follow is not a modern inclusive society.
    Society is controlled by banks, more so in england and usa than anywhere else. The war machine continues to kill, maim in so called peace and self defence. Time for the people to realise they are in control of their lives, and create a better world for the next lot after. And to stop herd behaviour. Which in truth is difficult when people are running to pay bills and keep a roof over the heads. In some respects, we do not come into this world free, but burdened by the rules, and guidelines set by the last generation.
    It takes some free thinkers, and orginators to wake up status quo, and to lead humanity on a greater evolution.

  • David Navarro Mook

    I believe in Positive Money because I believe in the right people with the right ideas.

  • Giles Heaton

    Life cannot begin to improve for its citizens until the way we control the means of exchange is changed from its current set-up. Man by nature is ruled by his desire to survive. He is insecure and hoards things to improve his survivability at the expense of others. He is terribly selfish. We cannot allow the means of exchange to be manipulated by these base emotions. I support Positive Money because I want a sustainable, ethical and debt free existence for all people. This is the beginning, and a monetary revolution started by us now will bring about change. It will have to – all of our survival depends upon it.

  • http://ralphanomics.blogspot.com/ Ralph Musgrave

    I support Positive Money (amongst other reasons) because their system goes a long way towards disposing of bank subsidies and sudden catastrophic bank failures, and with a little adjustment, could be made to totally dispose of those two faults in the existing system. And that’s more than Vickers or the Dodd-Frank legislation in the US has achieved.

  • Marc

    I support positive money to fight against my inner demons !

  • Carol

    I want to know how we can change from a greedy, insecure, materialist society into a confident, loving, sharing community. Am I dreaming?

    • Keith Davo

      Probably. The Nordic Model does a pretty good job with capitalism but (in the UK at least) we’re far too far behind for it to work, even if a government wanted to. Which they don’t.

  • Andii Bowsher

    The more I get to understand about the way we do money, the more I realise that we need to do it differently to counter the power of big-money so it works for the benefit of the 99%

  • Chhris Hindle

    I support Positive Money because the current corrupt system is supported unquestioningly by all three main political parties
    Quite apart from the questions that it raises about our politician’s knowledge of economics – it follows that it must equally raise even more urgent questions about their political motivation and about their basic honesty
    That said, I suspect it will take a lot more than banner waving to stop this frankly, global scam

  • Crafford

    The current monetary system is controlled by unaccountable private
    bodies and serves their interests only – with disastrous consequences for society. To provide a platform for
    economic prosperity and social harmony, money must be controlled by a democratically
    accountable institution – and subjected to FULL and OPEN audit regulary (twice a year) – and created without any debt attached.

  • greg wilkinson

    I support positive money as a way of bringing finance under more democratic control. Likewise, I would campaign for change in company law to make all companies accountable to employees, customers, suppliers and wider community.

  • Barrie

    I support Positive Money because money should be stable and not depreciate in value. The way banks create money only leads to inflation higher prices and devalues money we have saved. Money is the catalyst of trade and needs to be spread more or less evenly throughout society. The present system whereby banks create money destroys this and consequently leads to economic depresion

  • Andrew Goodman

    I support Positive Money not because I believe the rich are taking from the poor, but as an engineer and entrepreneur I see infrastructure and new technology as two elements which improve lives for many, and in this country we invest in both poorly. I would like to see whatever money we decide to create in our economy act for good, developing new industry and new economy in the UK, rather than inflating the money supply at the benefit of professional investors and bankers. Meanwhile I’ve pretty much given up ever ‘owning’ a home of my own, precisely because I feel I can’t buy into the sham. We Brits are a clever bunch and ahead of the curve when it comes to ideas but we choose to play the mug’s game, we’ve bought the bankers con, and chosen the illusion of wealth rather than a real increase in the quality of life.

  • Mike Winstanley

    I support Positive Money because it has an important educational function for present and future generations which will help save people and planet. As Francis Bacon said in the 17th century, “Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.”, and as I myself once wrote on a protest placard, “Profitmongering is a severe sociopathic disorder. We, the 99%, offer humanity therapy to the 1% and their cronies.”

  • Derryl Hermanutz

    Most people cannot give an answer to the question, “Where does money come from?” Classical theory imagines that money comes from economic production, as if planting one seed and reaping 20 somehow creates “money”. If you are directly using seeds and other economic wealth that you produced yourself, to trade for economic wealth produced by other participants in a barter economy, then the economic goods themselves function as the medium of exchange, as the “money”. Anybody who did not produce any economic goods would possess no wealth to trade or consume, and they would either live from theft or charity, or they would die. But we don’t live in a producing and trading barter world. We live in a money world. People who produce no economic goods are rich. People who produce economic goods are poor. Most people fuzzily believe that “the government” creates the money, but they are unable to explain how a government that “creates money” finds itself trillions of dollars in “debt”, which is owed in “money”. Money is created and issued as matchiing credit-debt by bankers. He who issues money rules the world. Bankers rule the world. People need to know this. Positive Money is spreading the word.

  • John Schofield

    Private bank created money is a Monstrous Injustice at Society’s Heart

  • MikeC

    I support Positive Money ‘cos the current monetary system strongly encourages trashing the planet for the benefit of a few.

  • Matt

    I support positive money because it is clear that our financial system is not fit for purpose. Our every day lives are dominated by money, but money is just a symbol of wealth in the same way that meters are symbolic of length. It is therefore a complete con to work all week In a usless job ( most people’s existance) to play what is essentialy game. It is a con to refute the green movement over what is a symbol or abstraction of wealth. Don’t mistake symbols for real life e.g it is so easy to misunderstand that friend is angry because of a simple txt message. The friend was never angry. It’s also a con ( delusion) to have lots of money and be afraid to loose it.

  • John

    Reform of money is the first step towards the fulfilling, contented, just, happy, society we should be creating for our children….if we want them to thank us, not despise us.

  • Jimmy Rowe

    I support Positive Money because I find it outrageous that private banking institutions control our money supply. This undermines democracy and leaves us in a never ending cycle of perpetual debt making the average citizen nothing more then a debt slave.

  • David McBain

    The way money is created should be changed because debt-based privately owned banking destroys democracy. Politicians are no longer able to represent their electorate when they are beholden to private capital.

  • robinbaldock

    I support positive money because the creation and destruction of money is clearly an important part of the monetary system and as such needs to be a part f the framework which supports business rather than a business in itself.

    Money should enter the economy debt free and according to the needs of the economy, not for and as a profit to private individuals.

    Allowing the debt based economy has undermined our society and robbed us of a fair and equal but individually rewarding society and is no longer a sustainable option.

  • Rien van den Hondel

    I support Positive Money because it has explained to me how money creation is parasitic on the labours of society and how we can create a fairer system that supports and benefits society

  • Paul Neetzow

    I support positive money because money has to serve the people and not the other way round!

  • Brian Wills

    Because it’s now possible that money-market investors may start an unstoppable crash based on — say — a rumour that country X can no longer cover its national debt, in which kind of event advice on money reform from Positive Money, AMI, etc., will need to be immediately available for widespread discussion and action. And because I believe Positive Money proposals offer us the best chance of achieving the equality that is “better for everyone” described in The Spirit Level by Wilkinson & Pickett.

  • Barrie Lindsey

    The current banking system can only create money by encouraging people to take on debt, so the creation of the UK’s money supply should be taken away from banks. If the government printed it’s own money they could eradicate the huge debts hanging over this country, and they could pump money directly into business and infrastructure without banks making huge profits. I could go on and on, but have said enough for today.

  • Andrew Duffield

    If land monopoly is the mother of all monopolies, credit monopoly is the dad.

  • Rob Hammond

    I support positive money because the world desperately needs a fair and balanced system of wealth creation. Not one which is iniquitous and biased in favour of the few.

  • R Slowgrove

    I support positive money as a way to make government more accountable for spending our money (taxes). In this way we might start to trust our elected MPs more. My sense is (without any hard evidence) that they are being manipulated by the few who have the most.

  • Dan Fox

    I support positive money because it is helping people understand the importance and urgency of monetary reform. However, I believe that the power to create money in the form of promises of future production should be a legislated privilege of corporations, not the sole right of banks or governments.

  • Paul Jackson

    You are a slave to a banker one way or another. Banks create money out of thin air to loan to you and this creates a debt slave. If you do not go into debt your government will do it for you and collect the interest payments by force through taxation.

    So banks get free slaves. This system is Fraud that ends with a collapse but the perpitrators get bailed out and the whole cycle start again. My hope is that with the wide range of information available on the internet, people will start to figure out what is really going on and has been since The Bank of England was founded, to quote
    from its founder William Paterson “The bank hath interest on moneys that it creates out of nothing” This fraud was perhaps summed up best by James Madison the 4th president of the United
    States when he said “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance” perhaps the main stream media would like to get to the real issue and stop pretending that banking its self is not fraud!
    Lets starve them, do not go into debt! buy gold, silver or anything you trust because in the next collapse you will be bailed in, it’s already been agreed by the Fed, BOE and ECB and don’t think the hollow promise of £85K will stand if 1 Quadrillion of OTC derivatives explode.

  • susie Howard

    ……………………. because I want to live in a society where true integrity informs all our actions and banking is a very good place to start

  • trieuxphile

    I long wondered why it was that the productive north of England was so poor compared to many parts of the kingdom. I now see that it is because the real power lies in the hands of those who control the means of exchange, and they have increasingly become concentrated in the south-east. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote that the supply of money should never become a function of the private sector. How right he was. The supply and use of money are public goods and should be treated as such.

  • Joe the GATESMASTER 4 KIDS !!

    “KIDS are ALL OUR Futures” thats why I support, promote and I am taking ACTION and have joined in making others aware. My LOVE is for ALL KIDS and Mine…to Help create a BRIGHTER FUTURE and leave a legacy …you and I know there are Solutions !!

  • Hortus

    No democratic government composed of intelligent and thoughtful people would willingly hand over the right to create money to an unelected group of private organisations motivated solely by profit. Such a foolish government would not only forgo the seigneurage from creating new money, but would also be deprived of the ability to determine the allocation of that money according to national priorities. Sadly, we do indeed have such a government, and have done so for many centuries. Through continued political complacency and ignorance, politicians have effectively ceded control of the economy (insofar as it can be controlled) to the banks. The end result is a system designed to enrich bankers at the expense of the real economy, a system which sucks money relentlessly away from real productivity and funnels it into socially unproductive assets and ridiculously high salaries. The banks have been allowed to become socially useless parasites. It is now time to rethink their role in society. Positive Money has outlined a clear way forward which places money creation and allocation (with appropriate checks and balances) in the hands of the elected government, and reforms banks so that they become once again socially useful.

    No democratic government composed of intelligent and thoughtful people could possibly believe that a monetary system that was dependent upon an endless expansion of debt could be sustainable. Yet that is precisely what we have. Bankers do well out of it. Society does not. Politicians do not appear to think this situation warrants deeper thought. However, Positive Money has done some thinking on their behalf, and come up with the eminently simple notion of creating money free of associated debt. Bankers won’t like it much, but future generations of taxpayers would be significantly better off, as would the government itself.

    No democratic government composed of intelligent and thoughtful people could fail to see the clear benefits of the proposals put forward by Positive Money. We live in hope of a signal to exhale.

  • Shane Roach

    People think of “usury” and they think of an anti-Semetic extremist, but usury is actually denounced by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, not to mention philosophers in antiquity. To see that our entire monetary system is now dependent on something that for most of human history has been rightly seen as an abuse of power is to realize just how ridiculous it is to argue that we cannot help the poor without doing damage to a “free and open market.”

    We don’t HAVE a free and open market if money is nothing but a number on the balance sheets of usurers that we are being forced by law to use. That’s the whole point.

  • RBHoughton

    We have always had problems with the money supply whether under the control of Kings and Barons up to, say, 1688 or under oligarchs until, say, 1832, or since then under the restrained oligarchy called representative democracy.

    There was only one brief period after WWII, when the country was
    totally bankrupt and rationing supplies of necessaries, that democracy briefing flourished until the moneymen had again restored their fortunes and power.

    It seems to me that we cannot put money on a sound basis unless we also address the political problem. That will likely require the creation of Primary Assemblies of a few hundred people across the land, each electing one of their number to a superior chamber governing the town and thence step-by-step up to a national government. The background and suitability of representatives of Primary Assemblies will be well-known and provide a point of contact for every voter. This force should, hopefully, direct the decisions of those above.

    Addressing the political problem infers an educated and informed electorate – the academies and media will need cleansing. The internet and its numerous news blogs is forcing knowledge onto the people at large and the trend is clearly towards transparency but the educationalists are deeply mired in the allure of money and present another failure.

    I totally support what PositiveMoney.Org has and is doing. You know the answer to the abuse we all receive from debt-based finance, but I am doubtful whether any significant improvement can be achieved without addressing the other causes of our degraded state. I suspect the country will have to go right down, as it was after WWII, before the political will to govern responsibly can manifest. Perhaps you will persuade me otherwise?

    Excuse me not responding to your circular with greater optimism.

  • Jaap Kras

    Jaap Kras:
    If we keep this system where we allow banks, as private companies to create their own money at the end blows up our civilisation. I think the English saying is do not set the fox to watch the geese. Nobody is able to withstand the temptations of creating money for him/her self in stead of taking abstract public responsibility. Creating money has to be a public task controlled by a parliament and other democratic tools.

  • SassenachCelt

    I support Positive Money as a debtor, and defaulter, the way money acts is in the interests of the have-too-muchs not the have-too-littles

  • Roger Kirman

    I support the concept of Positive Money because I have seen the damage done to real lives by the removal of funding for Children’s Services in the UK. This loss of funding, for those vulnerable children who bear no responsibility for the “crash” of 2008, is a direct consequence of the austerity programmes introduced by our government in their attempt to deal with the results of a flawed banking system.

    We are constantly told how important to our country the operations of the banking sector in the City of London are. However, has anyone
    calculated the total “value” added to the country over the past 8 years prior to the crash and compared it to the cost of the damage caused by the bank induced crash in the following 5 years?

    This constant boom and bust cycle, caused by the present banking
    system damages real businesses and real lives in the real world and I believe the introduction of the principles of positive money would be a major step forward for democracy and accountability.

  • Matthew Agius

    I support positive money because ever since I was a child, I wonder why we had boom bust cycles, why the great depression happen even
    though we had all the same people and resources. It didn’t make sense
    to me that farmers stopped farming and workers stopped working (even
    though they wanted to farm and work) and people went with out food
    and shelter, when there was the potential to provide both, just as
    there had been before the depression. It wasn’t like there was a
    tangible reasons like droughts, floods or earth quakes or some other
    disaster which stopped farming and destroyed housing.

    Could you imagine if us humans witness ants abandoning and ant hill to live out in the cold or heat while the ant hill was left empty. We
    would think what’s going on, what’s the reason for this.Now could you Imagine if aliens were watching us and the 2008 global financial crisis, and they saw people in America leave there homes, and go and live in the streets and in there cars, while there homes remained empty. They would be thinking what’s going on, what’s the reason for this. It wouldn’t make sense to them, because it doesn’t make sense.

    It wasn’t until I learnt about fractional reserve banking and how money was created, that I understood why the above happened. Then I came across positive money and thought thank god for a voice of reason.

  • Troels Krarup

    I support Positive Money because the right of private banks to create money as debt and drain the economy with interest rates is a massive force of exploitation and social stratification.

  • Alfie

    I support Positive Money and reformation of the money system because :-

    To state the obvious, but sometimes not considered, we are animals and the money system was designed through animal instinct for animals.

    Territory is now Bank Balances – Robber Bankers, predatory animals, devise ways to eventually hoard all ‘means of exchange’.

    Incapable politicians, economical with the truth, mislead with cliché and platitudes.

    We live in a modern medieval period, where substantial changes in society, the monetary system and political structure need to take place.

    It is time to become human. Humans have ‘forethought, personal dreams leading to visions of a better future for all’.

    It is unfortunate, however, that my friends and neighbours fail to comprehend the significance of the act, that upon their signature, a bank can create money from ‘thin air’ and then go on to extract both amount created, plus an interest from them. Their failure to respond is as much dependant on disbelief as unknowing.

    But I do believe ‘People’ are in a process of expanding mind – a new renaissance – understanding the Earth is a living entity. But all must become at least minimal visionaries if humanity along with all other species is to move forward.

    I believe the power to create money should be removed from Banks and given to …..?

    Now god is reported dead, can an animal democracy ‘evolve to resolve’ this dilemma?

    Answers on an e-mail to positivemoney.org please.

  • Lexusil

    I support Positive Money (in Italy) because I believe that policy must be independent of economy. You are doing a fabulous battle.Grazie

    • Simon

      I hope you can get something going in Italy too, there is plenty to sort out in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Love Italy, place and people.

  • john kruger

    # I support Positive Money because

    I have never understood why everywhere debt was encouraged. The research and challenge by [Jackson & Dyson] [1] finally gives me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am not financially savvy, but simply believe that living within one’s means is prudent. I want to understand more and I am grateful that this project provides a plan how the debt trap can be fixed.

    [1]: 2012, Modernising Money, Positive Money

  • Alan P

    We must have reform, not mere regulation – the latter is in any event self-defeating as restriction of Bankster actvity in creating money from nothing simply exacerbates the very problems of which we are trying to rid ourselves. Complete reform and not regulation as the Banksters always eventually find ways to circumvent such regulation – no matter how long it takes them. Reform and not regulation – the Banksters cannot and must not be trusted any longer. Their practises are corrupt beyond remedy and they are morally beyond redemption. And fnally reform because of the massive and sometimes not-so-obvious potential it offers to solve a whole raft of problems worldwide….

  • Graham

    I support Positive Money because I’m tired of being a debt slave, forced to work ever harder for ever fewer real returns to feed the banking monster. I’m tired of seeing friends and family working themselves to death to pay for the most modest of houses, while those who control the system do nothing but gorge themselves on the back of society and take everything. I’m tired of seeing good people thrown from their home just because they missed a few payments after loosing their job – even though it wasn’t their fault. I’m tired of the constant stress and strain over never having enough money to live even a modestly comfortable lifestyle, and what this does to families and relationships. I’m tired of accepting that our kids position will be even worse than ours, just as my position is worse than previous generations. I’m tired of the way debt money has passed power from the people and the government to the banks and large corporations. I’m tired that lack of money dominates politics when clearly we have the resources to to what is necessary. Debt slavery is alive and well thanks to the debt based money system, with the illusion that we are free. Just like other forms of slavery it must be abolished through banking reform – positive money. The government has the power to change it but they do not. Only by educating the public at large can we ever hope to force them to change.

  • plainmoney

    I support Positive Money because our present monetary system is fundamentally absurd.

    Why on Earth should a supposedly self-determined trading and investing population have to borrow into existence and collectively pay enormous interest on its money supply? Why is the issuance of our money supply so inextricably amalgamated with commercial, risk-bearing lending? Logically, morally and functionally these are surely separate activities.

    Given the choice, what community of money users would knowingly and willingly initiate such an expensive and unstable system? Why would they surrender to a profit seeking commercial cartel the power to create and allocate their money supply when collectively, that is publicly, they themselves could issue it, debt-free and at negligible cost, to be spent into existence for the common good and thereafter to circulate persistently as a common utility?

  • longjon

    I support Positive Money because it has become obvious that our current monetary system is fatally and fundamentally flawed. At a recent finance conference, the global economy was compared to an out-of-control car careering down the mountainside. It is only a matter of time before it crashes and is completely destroyed – it is mathematically inevitable. This is due to the fact that all currency in circulation is money on loan, which needs to be paid back, plus the interest.

    As long as there are new jobs, more resources used, more factories, more products and more people to buy them, there will always be new loan money to pay off the old, and the interest. But what happens when we run out of resources? Even before then, prices will fluctuate wildly as businesses compete for fewer and fewer raw materials.

    Using a system that relies on consumer and business confidence to boost loans and therefore money in circulation is prone to deep problems when that confidence evaporates, as it inevitably will when resources become depleted and same-cost replacements are not available either.

    The current system, although it may not always seem so, is precarious and highly unstable and this most recent global crisis and recession is merely a bump on the ever-accelerating journey down the mountainside.

    We need to ditch this vehicle, and switch to a stable, reliable, self-correcting system which does not reward greed and taking ever-greater risks, but instead operates entirely for the benefit of society as a whole.

  • Jennifer Shelley

    I support Positive Money because I don’t get reliable information, on how the economy works, anywhere else. All discussions on economics in the mainstream media churn out all the rubbish we have been fed for years. It isn’t working and we should be told why it isn’t and what can be done differently.

  • Rich Horn

    I support Positive Money because they show us realsitic and achievable ways (at least in technical terms) to make dramatic positive changes to our society.

    Money represents our energy, and debt-money makes us slaves.

    Money is power and undemocratic money means undemocratic power in the hands of those who control the money.

    I suppoer Positive money because they have answers.

  • Mark Johnson

    I support positive money for two reasons.
    Firstly, the current economic system has made it very hard for young people to enjoy such things as home ownership and higher education wit without saddling themselves with debt, unlike previous generations.
    Secondly, I find it obscene that the most vulnerable should pay the price for the mistakes of the most rich and powerful. “There’s no money,” they say. So how come we owe so much? That tells me not that there’s no money, but that much of it is in the wrong place, like a stagnant pool. Time to get it flowing through society like a river, to the benefit of all.

  • ann

    I get really angry being told daily about austerity and the national dabt ,prices go up daily I have taken in a lodger to make ends meet–and THE WHOLE THING IS A CON< change the money system as Positive Money has explained and NONE OF the price rises would be necessary. We would end up having a much fairer and equal society which would not be built on debt. maybe we could even learn how to enjoy life again.

  • Alex

    I support Positive Money but it addresses only a part of the solution.

    Our economies and financial institutions must also take into account the ecological costs of political and commercial dependence on continuing growth in our capitalist society. It stands to reason that economic growth cannot be everlasting.

    The current dysfunctional bank owned capitalist economic system cannot continue – it is already well and truly bust.

    It is a system predicated on population growth that fuels consumer demand and thus economic growth without any regard for the consequences of climate change and the supply side of non-renewable resource depletion on a planet with finite resources. Consequently, it is doomed to self-destruction, unless we can radically change lifestyles well before populations stop growing and begin to decline as anticipated in the second half of this century or even earlier in some mature industrial nations such as Germany and Japan.



  • Nate Hill

    I support positive money because I created the most positive money to ever exist on my website Celebrity Green Room http://www.celebrity-green-room.com . It’s like a combo of Facebook, Chase banking online, and ebay, everybody has a profile with their money on it, the money can only move if we see you on camera. Closed loop system so even if somebody could look like you, stealing it wouldn’t mean anything its not going anywhere :). This is how we control tax and infrastructure spending, digital performance escrow allows you to be involved with the money at every stage till completion.

  • Edwin Scott

    I support PM because
    Circa 1947 83% bank created debt-money – 17% cash. Cash purchased from Central Bank. Cash raised enabled start of NHS etc.

    2012 97% bank created debt-money – 3% cash purchased = National Debt

    2020 a Cashless Society = National Debt Plus

    Am I right or am I right?

  • Leslie Moore

    The current money system is forcing us to consume and lay waste to the Earth because it requires infinite economic growth to keep up with the infinite debt. Just as I wish for a peaceful society I wish for a society that everyone can contribute to and enjoy, not just the financially fortunate.

  • Max Channon

    I support Positive Money because private banks controlling the money supply by creating it from thin air as debt is unfair, unsustainable, and unconstitutional. Money should be issued for the good of society as a whole, not to widen the gap between the elite and the 99 per cent who are their wage and debt slaves. I believe most of the world’s problems can solved with proper investment, which will never happen while money is created to fuel property bubbles and personal debt.

  • Hooded Robin

    Because I want to live in a world where the peoples money can’t be used to enslave them. Where human life is valued above the paper we use to live. Where nations can’t sell it’s inhabitance to lenders because it’s the most cost effective action to take. To live in a free world we must have free money, money which can’t be used to weigh us down because we need it. Positive Money knows true change can only be achieved when the vehicle is a positive one!

  • David Crowther

    I support positive money because it helped me understand more about what is causing our current economic and social problems. It made me begin to think that our so called ‘Democracies’ aren’t actually very democratic at all and giving the power to create money to a small group of unaccountable people has contributed to rampant inequality, concentrating our nation’s wealth in the hands of a tiny elite. I want to see an end to debt and indentured servitude so that we can create a society in which everybody has a stake and everybody shares in the benefits of our wealth. Enough of the stealing from decent, hardworking people. Things need to change.

  • Jake

    ….. the way money is currently created is the root of our financial woes and needs to be sorted asap.

  • John

    I support positive money because:-

    People are happy when their environment allows their
    capability to affect their environment to be realized.

    People in democratic states are ordered according to
    their capability.

    The fruits of capability are traded using money as a
    transfer medium.

    Control the money of a society and you control the happiness
    of a society.

    Banks and large companies have been allowed to capture

    Banks have corrupted money by generating large amounts
    unrelated to any capability.

    We are helping banks and large companies to build a global,
    remembering, communicating, manufacturing, thinking, machine that
    will soon be more capable than any of us. It will surround us and
    control us using money.

    My grand-children’s children will live within and alongside
    that machine.

    If we do not adapt money to be more supportive of the
    majority of people now;

    they will have no capability to control that machine in
    the near future.

    Earth, and the happiness of individual people, will be
    controlled by very few people and a machine. Earth will have
    stepped towards sterility.

  • Christopher

    In the 1930s, Gerald Grattan McGeer posed this question “Can you tell me why a government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly, and then borrow that which parliament can create itself, back at interest, to the point of national bankruptcy?”. The current money system is total madness and that is why I support Positive Money.

  • Sorin

    I support positive money, because is the right thing to do. I can’t believe that a law from 1844 hasn’t been updated. This is outrageous! Banks should NOT have the right to create money. I hope that more people will become aware of this and together will change a BROKEN system. All the best :)

  • Dan Redman

    The power to create money. With
    a little effort, it is not difficult to understand how this extraordinary privilege is abused for the benefit of those who seek to extract wealth from the economy,
    at the expense of those who create the wealth in the first place.

  • Graham murray

    I support positive money because it realises the current system is flawed _ if not practically then at least by those running the system. It is right that it needs to be reviewed and I am in favour of that.

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