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We welcome donations from small to medium sized businesses.

The changes we are campaigning for would help ordinary business people and stop the banking sector from harming the rest of the real, value-producing economy. We want to be able to campaign more effectively for changes that would lead to a healthy economy for small and medium businesses (rather than the huge corporations that are rich enough to lean on politicians and governments).

We want to see:

  • an end to the recurring recessions that occur when banks are able to create huge sums of new money and distort the economy
  • a return to real business and value-creation, instead of financial speculation and value-extraction
  • the profits from creating money to be taken away from the banking sector and returned to the state, so that they can reduce the amount of taxes that ordinary people and small businesses have to pay.

If our interests align with yours then we’d welcome your support, either through a one-off donation, regular contributions or with expertise and services.

Of course, we won’t compromise what we’re saying or change our message, regardless of the amount of support or money on offer.

You can contact us on 0207 253 3235, by email at, or simply set up a direct debit here.

  • joyce jefferson

    I can help you grow donation for your organization and people in this country that will face raising energy cost

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